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    Blush-DC.: Manga and Realism

    An analysis of the realistic aspects of the relationships, characterizations, and themes in Blush-DC.. Blush-DC. tends to not pull any punches with its story line and its interesting to see a manga that tries to push past the usual manga tropes and try to create an engaging, character driven narrative as opposed to an action driven one.

    • Any article regarding this would be incomplete if the author doesn't live in Japan because as far as I know, the scanlation group that picked up /Blush-DC dropped it 2-3 years ago and no one's picked up on it yet. – Austin 9 years ago

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    Sailor Moon was my childhood so I was understandably excited when I heard about this reboot. But after watching a bit of the first Crystal episode I was disappointed. A reboot is only warranted when there is something that can be improved upon. How animation from the 90’s can out do today’s technology is odd, to say the least.

    Sailor Moon Crystal (2014) VS The Original

    Spirited Away is probably one of my favorite films and while I was able to appreciate the theme of change before, this article was great for really fleshing out some of the more subtle examples of the necessity of moving forward and growing as a person. It’s probably one of the best coming-of-age stories that I’ve ever encountered.

    Spirited Away: Change as a Positive Force

    I really enjoyed this article. It did a really good job of explaining what anime is without alienating those who might not have as much experience.

    I don’t think it’s as well known, but Welcome to the NHK was a really great anime for me. It’s a slice of life about an agoraphobic young man and the woman who takes it upon herself to help him. It surprised me with it’s comedy and it’s heartfelt moments.

    Personally, I’m more of a manga person. Some really good ones are Cage of Eden, Blush-DC., Gangsta., and Nozoki Ana.

    Anime for Dummies: What Starters Should Watch