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Art and the Artist: Perceived v Monetary value

Take a deep dive into the hive mind of galleries influence, art exchange, reproductions, and the notion that art… has value outside of the original artists intent.

  • to anyone who chooses to investigate this topic, the work of Theodore Adorno would be extremely helpful! – ees 5 years ago
  • Artists- artists those are capable to freeze time and space through their engagement and creative involment with their expression and composition; perhaps strives less for hefty commercial revenue generation than satisfaction of their expression (s) real communication and appreciation. – SB Bhardwaj 5 years ago

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This article put a smile on my face. It’s so….. so goddamn good of a retrospective piece on the series as a whole. Makes me want to revisit the show all these years later. I watched the show many years ago, whn I was younger.

Samurai Jack: Exploring the Newfound Maturity

Wonderful piece.

The Moral Horror of Black Panther

This a great conversation piece, I think! Not just from the stand point of superhero status, but of all people. Mankind as a whole. However, unlike superheros and ‘verses they inhabit – true is much stranger than fiction.

Let’s say we took superheros and allowed them the function of trying to help humanity as a whole on the front that they, single handedly, could help make a better world – in steps the Government. Which, if we take any evidence of our petulant child and his stance on the wall, currently, would have nothing but red tape for superheros to mess around with.

That’s what the Sokovia Accords (Registration Acts, in the comics) was more or less. Government involvement to aid, adhere, and regulated gift/advanced peoples. It started out as a way to help people thru proper channels, but later in its life (just like the suicide squad in DC) was used for nefarious deeds either with the help of those legally bound or against their will.

I like and love the idea of advancing the story of bettering the world beyond a superhero and enpowering a people.

I think it’s a story that NEEDS to be told, but in the current climate of MARVEL blockbusters….. I don’t see happening.

True Superheroes Should be Replaceable