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    Machiavelli on Republic states and Hereditary Lineage

    Machiavelli spent much of the second half of his life concerned with regaining a governmental position in Italy following their political coup. For a statesman, ironically, Machiavelli was a quiet and shadowy individual, though his opinions on political rule are strong and controversial. He believed that a prince must always present himself as perfect and that all countries out to have a constant cavalry in order to have a fortress of sorts(though he disapproved of most stone fortresses). This made sense in his time due to the roaming barbarians that would eventually take over his country. Machiavelli believed no man can hold power without a knowledge of tactics and to trust no one. Such a Prince has only few advisers and admirers are brushed off, otherwise the Prince will lose respect, a ruler he says must be simultaneously generous, holding festivals, and mean or brusque, occasionally cruel without reason. Do you agree with his philosophy? Do you find it hypocritical?

    • I read Machiavelli's writings, and I'm confused about what an essay would focus on from what I read here. Maybe just focus on whether Machiavelli is still relevant and, if so, why. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago

    The Heroes Journey: A self isolating adventure

    We are living in difficult times, and many of us are dealing with the five stages of grief. The initial excitement of change, the political reassurances, the cancellations, and finally what could mean an 18 month quarantine. No matter your living situation you are allowed to grieve. And should this continue, we all need to learn how to be alone. Museum and library connections are available online, universities are offering free classes, gardening and cooking all the things you never had time for are here. If you’re anything like me, this quarantine is a blessing and a curse, for as much as I miss my friends, my mental illness was severely effecting my stress levels back home- not one to quit I refused to give up, so to me it feels like the universe sent me home. I’m doing better than ever and graduate next week, what are your quarantine journeys?

    • I will definitely revise this to include a broader and not so personal narrative guide to handling isolation – chloedubisch 4 years ago
    • This is a great topic, but I would agree to make it a little less personal and more broad Perhaps navigating the quarantine: drawbacks and strengths? Or you could focus on resources or activities that are blossoming during quarantine. – birdienumnum17 4 years ago
    • I personally like the idea of making it a personal topic. I would used the sentence, "No matter your living situation you are allowed to grieve" as the title and create a series of stories around it. – amberflynn93 4 years ago

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    Midsommar may be my favorite horror movie (aside from hush and mother) and I loved your explication of the movie’s storyline. Codependency is a side effect of fear and in this case Christian was under pressure to be Dani’s main support system, which he resented. His complacency is what ultimately leads to his death. Had he been honest with Dani would it be different? Who’s to say? I’d also like to comment on the black characters being killed first, partially out of racism (Harga are all white) and jealousy on the part of the man who brought them there who had sought her as a mate, which I think meant he wanted her as may queen and brought them there for revenge. Notice that only two women were brought to the compound, Josh was NOT used as new blood, and Mark’s sheer idiocy allowed him to be killed and used as a disguise to kill Josh. It’s sad because I’m a way the harga are the only ones to care for Dani in anyway now, though she’s clearly lost her mind. This gruesome take on fairy tales de dysnified shows the dark majesty and history of both religion and folk tales, all while exploring the toxicity of codependency.

    Midsommar: The Horrors of a Toxic Relationship

    Latinx representation is growing more and more each year. I’m reminded of the scene in “one day at a time” in which a Cuban family friend arrives in a Che Guevara t shirt and he is horrified at his mistake. All works by Julia Alvarez- ie “How the Garcia Girls lost their accents” and “in the name of Salome” we see how culture gets erased and racism does not. The aggrandizing nature of American history does not help either, for not only does it promote xenophobia (cough trump cough) it also hurts the citizens themselves. How can we call ourselves a melting pot when the only ones not melting are the ones who can’t take the heat (get it, cause caucasians burn easy). However Spanish and Latinx dramas are picking up in children’s books. We study day of the dead in school and more and more Latinx women are gaining traction in the creative community. Who doesn’t love Jane the Virgin?

    Latino Inclusivity in Popular Young Adult Novels

    This article really addressed issues I’ve been wondering about and debating for a long time. I occasionally justify my consumption of controversial works by the means of seeing them through a new critical lens (outdated form now but still useful here). The people who committed these atrocities along with creating some of the greatest works of art in history are giants whose influence will never go away. We can rewrite these stories histories and excavate the meaning by way of re examining such characters as the maid in “Gone with the Wind,” her voice may be gone but can’t inaction speak as loudly as actions and even more loudly than words? People are complex and geniuses even more so: we cannot put a magnifying glass to the lives of anyone without revealing some faults and inexcusable, stubborn qualities.

    Problematic Creators: How Do We Interact With Their Work?