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Clinton Visser

I'm a blossoming writer, with a passion for all things writing, literature and english. I love to write and bring this passion into all of my content.

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    Plato's Cave and the Construction of Reality in Post-Modern Texts

    Analyse post-modern texts according to Plato’s cave and suggest how reality is constructed, commenting on its relevance and need in our modern era. Compare to classic texts where reality wasn’t as much of an issue. Why is it so important for us to have a constructed reality presented to us? Why can’t we go out and explore our own reality?

    Suggestions of texts:
    Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland
    The Matrix
    James Dashner – the Maze Runner
    Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games

    Or any texts that have a constructed reality within.

    • I can see this going in so many different directions. Having just recently read Susanna Clarke's novel "Piranesi" I can also see how this theme would be really popular now, reflecting the various isolations of our pandemic circumstances. A writer may want to lean into some classic Jean Baudrillard/simulacrum, or Jean-Paul Sartre to compare differing ideas about how isolation distorts reality. – Grimoiria 3 years ago
    • The Plato's Cave thought experiment is also used in discussions of ethics and morality: is it right or wrong to bring people from their constructed reality into the outside world we think of as real? Characters in The Matrix sometimes struggle with the morality and consequences of waking people up. This question can also extend to us as purveyors of media: how right or wrong is it to analyze or even criticize the constructed realities of these stories? – noahspud 3 years ago

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    Clinton Visser

    I agree, it is very dark. However, I must commend the author and the producers for doing such a good job in representing the Satanic cult religion. And no, it doesn’t end very happily, although it hasn’t really finished yet I don’t think.

    Fate in Harry Potter and Sabrina
    Clinton Visser

    Thank you for the article! It was a great read!

    I agree with the anxiety of regressive evolution in the Victorian era, but would also like to posit a notion that it has not disappeared, but rather grown. I suggest that the fear of backwards evolution has become so great that modern literature chooses instead to focus on the dystopian world caused by catastrophe, or the utopian world of pure perfection.

    What do you think?

    Gothic Fiction and the 'Regressive Evolution' Anxiety
    Clinton Visser

    Great article! I found it extremely interesting. I have never heard of her before, and I am well versed in poetry, so I am also unsure why she has been neglected. Her writing is immaculate, such a pure form of the sonnet style. Thank you! I will be sure to look at more of her writings.

    Charlotte Turner Smith: Empowering Women with a Sonnet
    Clinton Visser

    Great article! I completely agree with you on everything that you have said. The elements of Victorian literature that you have pointed out are exactly the reasons why they resonate with me, in particular. Thank you!

    I wonder how it is that we have strayed so far from character driven novels, where the complexities of characters are no longer as important that the drama of the plot. Charles Dickens was a master character builder, which is one of the reasons why I love his writing so much.

    Let us plea for a return to this golden age of literature, where the content of our modern novels may therefore resonate with us like these classics do.

    The Persistent Allure of Victorian Literature