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    I’ll definitely check it out. Ben Esposito’s new game Donut Country also looks really interesting. It’s more or less an anti-Katamari.

    Katamari Damacy and the Democratization of Objects

    I had no idea there was never a PAL release. I’m honestly surprised it got a US release.

    Katamari Damacy and the Democratization of Objects

    Pretty much anything by Ian Bogost is great, especially Unit Operations. It is a good intro to both Object Orientated philosophy and games criticism in general.

    Five Books About Games to Start Off With

    The thing that interests me the most about the whole issue of “are we too invested in technology” is the fact that we are now able to reduce human interaction and leisure activities to data. This is evident in the popularity of fitness apps and data trackers (Strava, Mapmyride, calorie trackers), and dating and socialization apps (Tinder, Grindr). This sort of “everyday activity as data” trend holds so many possibilities, good and bad.

    "Her" and Our Love Affair with Technology

    I honestly have no problem with HBO taking over the series and creating an ending for it. As the article says, the book series could have easily ended after book three. Books 4 & 5 are a bad mix of too much writing for too little character and plot development, which doesn’t give me too much hope for the remainder of the books.

    A Song of Ice and Fire: Can You Stop Reading at Book Three?