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    The Need for a Swashbuckler (Scoundrel) in Star Wars Films

    Analyze the stark difference between Episodes 4-6 and 1-3 in terms of the lack of a Han Solo-type character. Perhaps Harrison Ford’s acting carried the first three films, but the absence of this sort of character weighed heavily on the other films and put the burden on Hayden Christensen’s Annakin. If the same would have happened in 4-6, Luke Skywalker would have had to carry the weight, and it doesn’t appear he could have pulled it off. The Han Solo story and characterization appears to have added more interest for the audience, leaving Luke’s grander story in the background, where it effectively progressed.

    • Great article idea. Han Solo is one of the most important parts of the original trilogy and the prequels put less focus on the archetype and more on comic relief, mostly from Jar Jar. – Austin Bender 9 years ago
    • I've always thought that Anakin's characterization would've benefited a lot more if he'd started off as a swashbunkler-esque rogue young man, instead of a whiny little child. – CalvinLaw 9 years ago
    • I think there is some truth to this. However, I think the larger problem with the prequels is the poor writing, campiness, and bad acting, with the exceptions of Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ewan McGregor. Ewan McGregor's amazing performance in Episode III almost single-handedly rescues the film. It is also less campy because of the dark tone. – JLaurenceCohen 9 years ago
    • Interesting....but the prequels had more problems than just that it was missing a scoundrel. Wrapped within that character is humor, risk, adventure, etc. Luke was the perfect angel, it seemed, so Han Solo was more fun? The prequels lacked characters like Han Solo who we cared about. – Candice Evenson 9 years ago
    • Absolutely. The prequels also lacked something worthy of fear. The robots were comical, as were the Trade Federation. Darth Maul LOOKED scary, but almost to an exaggerated sense. – damfer21 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Well-thought list, and some nagging questions illustrated by the games on it. When will games become mainstream? I think we are in that moment now. I’ve never before seen so many people playing games like Fortnite. It used to be, at a family party, a group of gamers would head to the basement and have it out. Now, everyone is logging in on their phones for a quick session. There’s not much to philosophize about with that game, but it could open the door for more intellectually stimulating games later.

    Video Games That Ask Deep Philosophical Questions

    It is a lot about marketing and profit. Movie-making is big business, and it seems more and more that studios want sure things. Stretching out a franchise certainly does this. Look at the Bourne movies. They really shouldn’t exist any more. Or the Bond films. Big cash cow, and that’s not even looking at the tie-ins, which those movies have way too many of.

    Multi-Part Films in Hollywood: When Profits Matter More than Storytelling

    Good article. I’ve long thought about this, as a writer and an English professor. I think it comes down to the goals of the movie. If it’s a big budget film, then you have to appease the audience or you’ll never break even. If it’s a lower budget film, then perhaps you stick to the literature more.

    All of this is transient, of course. There are so many variables. You may very well appease an audience in a big budget film by sticking close to the source, for instance. Or, maybe they want more action, romance, or something else not expounded upon in the literature.

    Either way, I enjoyed this.

    How 'By the Book' Should Literary Adaptations Be?

    He hit his peak with Unbreakable, and I believe that was supposed to launch a series, and it never happened. Shame. It’s hard to judge creativity, but this guy really has gone off the rails.

    Hopefully he will be back

    The Rise and Fall of M. Night Shyamalan