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    Pregnancy in American Horror Story

    What is the role of pregnancy in the first two seasons of American Horror Story? In the first season, we have the housewife pregnant with a monster that eventually kills her in childbirth. In the second, we have two women pregnant who are pregnant from the same man. There are many factors that make them different, even to the extent that one is black and one is white. There could be interesting "black and white" comparisons drawn between their roles in their lover’s life, how they become pregnant, how they handle their pregnancy, etc. What are the implications of using pregnancy as a plot device?

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      As a university student that works in a writing center, I appreciated this article so much. It was thorough and thoughtful. Thank you!

      Can you Teach Someone how to Become a Writer?

      This is such a thorough and NECESSARY article. It succeeds in putting into words the concepts that so many of us stumble over in an effort to assimilate the value of sex as a plot device (or visual stimulation). Thank you for writing this article. It is very thoughtful.

      Sex in Cinema: Poetry vs. Pornography (Explicit Content)

      I can’t tell if this is sarcasm. On the off chance it isn’t, I must ask: does threatening people’s damnation normally work for you? This is an open forum for open discussion. People will have different opinions as a result of different experiences and upbringings. Sex is an important topic because it is a part of the human condition. There is no value in censoring what people can talk maturely about in a productive, insightful way. Please do not stifle the intellectual community with a single point of view. That is not what this website is for. Thank you.

      Sex in Cinema: Poetry vs. Pornography (Explicit Content)

      I’ve always found Baz to be somewhat obnoxious with some of his plot devices and choice of actors. However, I recognize that he pay careful attention to character development. He treats them like people that exist outside of a film, which is respectable. I haven’t seen The Get Down yet, but this article has motivated me to. Thank you!

      From The Get Down to Moulin Rouge: A Look at Baz Luhrmann's Writer-Heroes