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    Lessons Learnt from Bowling for Columbine

    Analyze the documentary and take a closer look at gun control in the United States of America. Determine if the various images and graphics used helped to accurately tell the story and further inform the viewers.

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      Latest Comments

      As a writing I feel like the main reason behind my procrastination is the desire for perfection. This article was spot on and very informative.

      Writing: The Real Reason You Procrastinate

      The biggest issue that I had with Cinderella was the negative message it was giving to young girls. I found that Cinderella was portrayed as a poor and abused girl who waiting for a prince to save her and sweep her off feet. This is completely not what we need to be teaching girls. These young girls begin to think that this is reality and one day a prince will come and give them that happily ever after instead of the chasing their own dreams.

      Cinderella (2015): An Old-Fashioned Heroine in Modern Times

      When it comes to Disney World is it all about the experience. Children who are exposed to Disney films begin to shape fantasies around what they see on the screen. For little girls, going to Disney World means meeting princesses and becoming royalty for a day. For little boys its the opportunity to meet the characters who keep them laughing and save the day in their favourite movie. Parents continue to take their little ones to Disney World in order to try and “complete” their kids childhood with that Disney World trip.

      6 Reasons People Continue to Visit Disney World

      Fan fiction in my opinion is truly limitless and gives the author complete freedom.

      Fanfiction: The Merits of Originality