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    The Rise of Murder-Mystery and Romance Novels

    Analyze the ever growing prevalence of murder-mystery and romance novels. Why are these genres currently the most popular genre? What kind of audience do they appeal to the most? Is this causing other genres (like fantasy or science fiction) to lose readership?

    • This is a very large topic by approaching both formats, it would perhaps be good to either look at the rise in hybrids of such genres or in fact choose one or the other. I think your concept of looking at why such formulaic genres have risen in popularity over other imaginative genres is interesting. However, you do need to be aware that fantasy and sci-fi has always only been a niche genre and is not considered mainstream fiction, which always tends to hold a greater market share. Perhaps it is worth looking at how why mainstream fiction has always been dominated by the sales of murder-mystery and romance over other genres? An interesting topic. – SaraiMW 7 years ago

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    This is so true. Writing will never be the same way again because everything has to be so intense or so perfect. The people who wrote all the “classics”, ironically, never would’ve gotten away with their style of writing in the present day!

    How time and readers' expectations have affected opening sentences

    Ack…great topic. Namely because I’ve been seeing this a lot lately: fanfiction! It’s literally everywhere! And, I must admit, whenever i see it, i go “blah!”. I don’t know if that’s fair of me, since i’m sure there are some fanfics that are very well written, but, from what i’ve seen, most of it is crap…both in style and content!

    Fanfictions - Delusions or Expressions of Admiration?

    This topic spoke to me right away! So many times nowadays I’ll see people advertising books with titles like “How to Write A Book”…and I wonder, is that really going to get people anywhere? Sure, it definitely might help. But are the people who read these books just as TALENTED as any other writer? Is this almost cheating? Great post!

    Are Creative Writers Taught or Talented?