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    Deducing Sherlock: What The Abominable Bride tells us about Sherlock's character.

    The Abominable Brides takes place at least partially (some say completely) in Sherlock’s mind. Therefore, the characters are projections of his subconscious, and different from their real-world versions. Analyze the differences between the characters in the previous seasons and in TAB, and determine what it reveals about that character’s relationship to Sherlock and the way he sees them. For example, Sherlock sees Mary as Mycroft’s spy, or John is more violent than his actual self.

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      Latest Comments

      Such an interesting and well-written article! Like Laura, I’m a Sherlock fan and I couldn’t understand why SuperWhoLock is so popular. This article helped a lot, thanks!

      The Keys to SuperWhoLock

      The Walking Dead is also a very emotional game, especially the first season. I cried my eyes out near the end and could hardly continue playing. You don’t expect a game like that to break your heart.

      10 Video Games You Weren’t Expecting To Make You Cry

      And I think that’s what makes the books so compelling and powerful. As Miss lucy tells the students, they -and we- “are told and not told”.

      Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go: The Transformation of 'Letting Go'

      I’m glad the writer pointed out that the most appropriate genre is Bildungsroman.There’s nothing more annoying than seeing NLMG described as science fiction. What kind of sane human being puts this book in the same category as Ender’s Game and Brave New World?
      And the scene chosen for showing Tommy and Kathy’s love is the most intense one. I cry every time I watch it.

      Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go: The Transformation of 'Letting Go'

      I actually do the “I didn’t try my best” trick a lot. It’s scary to realize that even your best may fall short of your standards.
      I rarely procrastinate when I have external deadlines. My real problem is writing for myself. I wish there was a way I could externalize my personal writing projects.

      Writing: The Real Reason You Procrastinate