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    Steven Universe and Huxleian Collectivism

    Every brief glimpse the audience of Steven Universe is allowed into the nature of the crystal gems’ Homeworld conveys it to be an environment remarkably Huxleian in quality. The denizens of the planet are all created for highly specific purposes (from which they are not allowed to deviate): Pearls are personal attendants, Rubies are soldiers, and of course, Diamonds are monarchs who rule over everyone else. Such a social structure is reminiscent of that which is present in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’ Is this a valuable comparison to make? To what extent is it true? Additionally, in what ways (with the characters’ interactions on Earth) do the cast of Steven Universe affront Homeworld’s status quo? Is the message their resistance sends to watchers valuable? If so, how?

    • I think Homeworld's message is "everyone in their place, and the places are preassigned," while the Crystal Gems say, "Everyone finds their own place." There should definitely be discussion of class and aristocracy regarding the Homeworld. – IndiLeigh 7 years ago

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    An absolutely fantastic article! The conclusion was especially well written… It’s just a shame that the linguistic aspect of Tolkien’s work hasn’t found its way into more video games ;(

    The Influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on Modern Video Gaming

    In all honesty, I stopped watching on the eve of the Frozen plot line for the exact reasons outlined above (funny how they chose to go with an adaptation of the classic fairytale ‘The Snow Queen’ rather than the original story itself). I could not agree more with the resolution reached in this article about sticking to one main narrative per season, it would certainly make thinks more coherent at the very least.
    An excellently constructed argument and article to say the least 😀

    Once Upon A Time: A Work of Creative Genius or a Tangled Mess?

    I had no idea the alternation of colour in an ordinarily pastel tinted show was so prominent a tool to signal impending suspense and intrigue… I will pay more attention to it during my third watch through 😀

    Steven Universe: The Rise of Popularity in Internet Fandoms