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    The evolution of beauty in mainstream American animated films

    In many mainstream American animated films, the main characters are often portrayed with exaggerated beauty standards of the day. Discuss the evolution of beauty standards and how mainstream American animated films have either perpetuated or gone against these standards.

    • Nice topic. In addition to discussing the evolution, it would be nice to talk about why animators/producers feel it necessary to portray characters in this way. – IsidoreIsou 8 years ago
    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the holder is the largest group in the office. For instance, if your animation and art teams consist of 80% white men from the southern part of the united States, the Hero/Heroine will probably be blonde and white. If the team consists of all Japanese men, the Hero/Heroine will be overly busty/muscled, light-skinned, with wild hair. I don't believe there has been any evolution in "beauty standards", especially in Hollywood. Just because some anime females are not busty with a skirt, doesn't mean they accepted new ideals of beauty. The movie industry, like all media outlets, are biased in their opinions, so the only way to evolve the industry, is to evolve the people working in it. – MikeySheff 8 years ago
    • Examples? Also, have beauty standards changed or has animation changed? – T. Palomino 1 year ago

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    I took a French film class at my university last year, and when we were watching French New Wave films, I felt as if some had altered my perception of reality by the time I had gotten to the end, while I felt as if others had mentally zapped my willpower to stay awake.

    The French New Wave

    I have mixed feelings about CL entering the “Western” scene. On one hand, I think it’d be great to see some Asian representation in mainstream (probably American) media. On the other hand, the fact that she has to appeal to western audiences by westernizing herself makes me feel less eager to see her enter the scene. I understand that that’s what entertainers, especially global entertainers, do, but there’s a hint of cultural hegemony here that makes me feel somewhat reluctant. Ultimately, though, I suppose this was her choice, so if she succeeds in the Western scene, I’d be more than willing to celebrate her success.

    CL's Attempt at a Western Audience: Ambition or Folly?

    I resonate strongly with many points in this article. The debate between fate and choice can go around in circles. Is fate an illusion in choice, or choice an illusion in fate? Can both exist simultaneously, without one being overpowered by the other? Personally, I think that fate is the illusion that we are led to believe in when our choices lead us to certain points in our lives, but it’s a very hard pill to swallow sometimes.

    The Death of a Purposeful Man