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    The Significance of The “This is” Movement in Rap

    It started in America with Childish Gambino’s “This is America” hit. It was a controversial music video saturated with modern issues for black Americans.

    However now there are two other “This is” videos coming from Nigeria and Iraq. Let’s explore the significance of these three videos. The major theme that can be gathered from Gambino’s video is the way media attention diverts is from the truth. How does this theme carry over into these other videos?


      What the competitive cooking shows?

      We all like food and competition, maybe that is why we have so many competitive cooking shows. The shows are generally given slightly violent titles like Cutthroat Kitchen, Cupcake Wars, and Chopped. There is certainly never a shortage of chef’s who come to the show who come searching for the money, respect a recognition that comes with winning a contest like this. Perhaps we should look at the culinary field and see what has inspired such shows. Being a chef is a competitive field, with long hours and a low starting salary. Furthermore many chefs are often suppressed creatively since they often must stick to the menu designated by their employer. Is competitive reality TV the new spot to make their voices heard and craft respected?

      • I think this topic looks really interesting! It would also be interesting to look at how these competitive cooking shows may lead to manifestations of bullying. Not American I know, but the Australian show "My Kitchen Rules" recently came under fire for airing a very heated argument, where women were belittling each other for their appearances. – Indigo 6 years ago
      • I know that Iron Chef has opened up some interesting avenues for creativity as a form of respect in the cooking industry. There is also the very famous French cooking challenge, The Bocuse d'Or, which has begun to film its shows. I think Top Chef has done a lot for the representation of both the real chef experience and an emphasis on true kitchen creativity. So I do agree that this has become an interesting space to watch. – SaraiMW 6 years ago

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      Latest Comments

      What is so fabulous about this music video is that there is room for another fifty articles analyzing this music video.

      This is America: Exploring Lyrical and Visual Symbolism

      What I think is such a cool element about the animation is that it’s not over the top Pixar cute. It makes the message of humanity all the more present because the film isn’t selling cute puppies in shenanigans. The animation gives the dogs the dignity of humanity. So that’s rad.

      Isle of Dogs: Humanity in the Inhuman

      Thank you so much for diving into this issue. Because Sailor Moon can be ditzy and clumsy I worry for the respect she gets in pop culture. So that is a lovely surprise to know that other people related. In today’s culture there is a lot of pressure on a woman to wake up and realize she is WOMAN, but Sailor Moon takes it slow and shows us the growth it takes.

      Is Sailor Moon a feminist icon?

      If the hero is defined by the way they dress than the female heros are forever defined as sex objects because of the weird slips spandex their creators give them. I get that super heros are supposed to be detached from reality but the disparity of clothed female super heros we see is very much rooted in a reality saturated in patriarchal values that demands a strong woman also has to be a sex object so she can be controled.

      Sexism, Impracticality, and the Hopeful Future of Costuming

      I have a bit of peace since I finally see the context and the fit of this ending. Somehow I just didn’t think the ending fit with the story thus it hit me out of left field and I was always so terribly confused. That just goes to show how important it is to read about what you read. I was missing something in my reading of the story that prohibited me from enjoying it fully. I’ll have to reread it sometime.

      In Defense of the Conclusion to "The Little Mermaid"