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    What purpose does CGI serve in Anime?

    Unless it’s really well done or in-line with the artstyle, CGI in anime is ugly, easily noticeable, and immersion-breaking. Whenever I see it, I can’t focus on anything else but the mess of the 3d rig in a scene. A prime offender is Goblin Slayer – which replaced the protagonist completely at times with a poorly rigged and stiffly animated CG double. I believe one reason for this is budget constraints, but I see it as a negative trend within the Anime industry. What can we do about it?

    • There's heaps of examples to use too, particularly idol anime like Love Live and Lil'Pri. It's definitely improved, but still needs work. – Andi 5 years ago

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    It’s foolish to judge For Honor on it’s story. As a longtime player and someone who has been following the game since it’s announcement at E3 2015, I can confidently say that it’s always been about a love for (admittedly stylized) ancient combat. They story serves little more than as a backdrop for the faction war and suffers for it.

    Granted the game game out only shortly after Battlefield 4 (with a similarly awful campaign) and Titanfall (a game with no single-player campaign). I think it was a symptom of the times; a mistake that can’t be corrected with DLC. Ubisoft has improved as a developer/publisher since then, putting more time and effort into their games, and FH has improved with it, fixing many balancing issues and is well on its way to doubling the original amount of characters.

    For Honor's Lachrymose Lore

    I don’t care what anyone says, I loved Infinity War. The way they portray the doomed Earth in the aftermath of the Snap was brilliant. The time-travel think was dumb, but well within stupidity tolerance. They explained it best they could, and admitted in-film that it was dumb and shouldn’t work, but did – and they just rolled with it. Don’t treat the MCU like a Hitchcock film.

    Cheating Audiences with Fake Sacrifices

    I really enjoyed Annihilation. It was a bizarre ride through an alien Earth where the rules of nature have been flipped on their head.

    Overall I thought the film was generally poorly acted, but the story and world-building kept me enraptured throughout. I’d love to see a successor that continues the plot from the book trilogy.

    Annihilation: The Alienation of Desire