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    Where Do Gaming Consoles go from Here?

    As the new gaming consoles (PS4, XBOX 1) become more popular and common to see in your friends’ living rooms, where will console entertainment go from here? Nintendo is already planning the release of its new console next year, Steam has created its own brand of PC gaming devices, and virtual reality is slowly becoming more of a marketable product. Yet, can classic companies like Microsoft, Sony, even Apple, manage to compete and adapt with new innovations to gaming. Or will the next Sony device be an upgraded console with stronger hardware? Has gaming reached its technological peak and are we forever doomed to a future of CPU driven console devices, which lack interactive innovation. Or could we see Netflix on the next Microsoft device being broadcast as a hologram right in your room. Could we see a future of virtual reality devices, which take gamers into the actual game. Where do gaming consoles go from here?

    • Its important that the writter discusses what consoles can do over PCs. Nintendo has local play, sony and microsoft have perifferals that change the way people can play. – Cojo 9 years ago

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    de Sade is certainly an interesting writer who captured man’s innate evil. In some ways he illustrates man’s sense of choice as the means to this evil, but rather views this as liberation from society’s brutal moral virtues, which are imposed upon people as much as man’s evil vices. Can people be blamed for fulfilling the ultimate gratification of their choices?

    The Marquis de Sade and Literary Terror

    I enjoyed your article very much, especially your discussion on the deviation from a moral dichotomy within Mass Effect. The game is interesting, especially because your companion choices effect whether they even make it through the game. I was a bit upset when I made it through Mass Effect and lost 2 of my companions after my friend told me there was a way to save all of your companions in the ending. The customization and choice element definitely make Mass Effect as special as it is.

    The Role of Choice in the Mass Effect Universe

    Through the looking glass is certainly the best episode of the series. The flash forwards to Jack’s pointless life without the island, driving around listening to “Guage Away”, are probably the most brutal moments of the show, especially when he finds Kate and their meeting remains unsavory. Honestly, Lost incorporates many good and some bad episodes, but season 2 is the greatest incarnation of Lost itself. Watching season 2 with fresh eyes in my view compares to to the Wire’s season 3. It’s simply incredible.

    The Best Episodes of Lost