Jane Harkness

Jane Harkness

20 years old, seaside living. I enjoy finding sand in my pockets.

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    Jane Harkness

    Interesting article! I think at some point, I actually binged on binge watching-I can’t sit down and watch a whole season of a TV show in 48 hours anymore, which is probably a good thing.

    The Insatiability of Indulging: Binging in a New Age
    Jane Harkness

    Awesome article! Yoga is incredibly popular where I live and it really does seem like just a fitness trend to many people-the spiritual aspect is completely lost.

    Why Yoga Isn't Really Yoga: The Trendy Path to Divine Hotness
    Jane Harkness

    This brings back memories-I loved the first season of Glee and kept watching through the third season, but after a while it just couldn’t keep my attention.

    The Rise and Fall of Glee
    Jane Harkness

    Wow, I always thought “Blurred Lines” was creepy, but I never realized just how bad the lyrics to “Animals” were. Great article!

    Violence Against Women: Perpetuated and Promoted by American Popular Culture
    Jane Harkness

    Hearing about the treatment of female characters in this show is one of the reasons I’ve never really wanted to sit down and watch it. Great article!

    The Fridging Dead: The Walking Dead's Patriarchal Problem
    Jane Harkness

    Fascinating! I’m really looking forward to seeing The Babadook, I’ve heard only good things.

    Mental Illness and 'The Babadook'
    Jane Harkness

    Although I’ve only seen a few episodes of Weeds, I found the premise intriguing. After reading this article, I may have to go check out a few more.

    "Weeds": How TV Affects Modern Society
    Jane Harkness

    Really interesting article. It’s cool to look back on Oscar winners and nominees and see how films have changed over the past few years. I definitely need to check out some more of this year’s blockbusters before the Oscars!

    The 2014/15 Oscar Season: Classics of Future Past