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    How Trumpism could Affect the Visual Arts

    The recent election of Donald Trump as president elect of the United States has created anxiety in the hearts and minds of much of the populace, especially with regard to a possible repealing of rights for minorities, women, the LGBT population, immigrants, and to the environment itself. Given the prospect of a seemingly more marginalized media, how could such atmosphere affect the visual arts?

    • Much compelling art is made in protest to things exactly like this. Would this be an angle for this article? Or would it be more centered on the acceptance of the creative life within society? – Mariel Tishma 8 years ago
    • Personally, I've read Literary Hub articles where the arts as a whole actually flourished under Regan (e.g. SST records, the "Our Band Could Be Your Life" book, indie rock in general, among the other mediums). I hope this era of Trump will incentivize another golden age of progressive art. – Kyle 8 years ago
    • yes this definitely seems like a possibility. It is necessary to stay vigilant and make sure that the freedom of expression that is so cherished in the visual arts is not impeded. We don't need another Jesse Helms de-funding federal resources to the arts. – jonj724 8 years ago
    • Such a broad question that the answer can virtually be anything. – T. Palomino 1 year ago

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    I think shock has its place (appropos that menstral blood from the artist’s “wherever” was used for Trump’s portrait). A shock for a shock. But it can often be used as a gimmick, masking for lack of talent. I enjoyed the article, and learned much.

    Shock Art: The Name Says It All

    I love the observation that flying in the theatre is a way to defy our earthly limitations, and a reason for choosing a career in the theatre. Well-cited and informative!

    Theatre Beyond the Ground: Staging a Defiance of Gravity from Aeschylus to Živadinov

    You took on some challenging, hot button words for definition, which is admirable. I think art defies definition, but it is always fascinating to hear the various, subjective opinions. To me the formal aspects of art are objective, its interpretation is subjective.
    Your title and introduction is witty, and made me want to read your article!

    That's Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man: An Argument that Art is Objective

    Thank you for the clear and useful tips! Writing can definitely have a love/hate component to it. I especially appreciated the supportive ethos of the ending video to go forth and make interesting mistakes… and make good art.

    A Writer's Essential Steps to Staying Motivated

    A much-needed topic for viewing and reviewing! Interesting summations, but perhaps organizing the works more strictly by theme, rather than location would add to the article’s impact and clarity. Details on the exhibit’s sponsors, times, venues and dates would be better served at the end. Thank you for covering the important topic of race, especially in the visual arts!

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