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    The Art of Academic Writing

    As an academic writer, I am aware of many "myths" about academic writing, which many people call rules. But what are the rules? Or should we abolish the notion of rules and become writers in our own voice rather than being so "academic"?

    • Part of the discussion needs to be on the contested idea of what academic writing actually is and how it differs between not only disciplines but also countries. – SaraiMW 4 days ago

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    Latest Comments

    Thanks for such a great advice. As an academic author, I am so tired of reading “The purpose of this paper is to…” Us academics can learn to write better opening lines and paragraphs.

    How time and readers' expectations have affected opening sentences

    I believe good writers have a natural talent, and that talent needs to be developed. One of my Professor’s told us “Becoming a successful writer is like becoming a champion swimmer. You need to get in the pool every day and swim your laps, get feedback and work on improving until you can enter a race and perform well”. In my case, I am a late-blooming academic having published my first article 11 years ago aged 42. I now have more than 80 publications because I write almost every day and I am always getting feedback on my work, and try to improve each time I write.

    Are Creative Writers Taught or Talented?

    A very good article. I am an accomplished academic author and your tips are useful and I follow most of them myself, especially not worrying too much about editing until the ideas are on paper. But what do think about academic writing? Have you any tips you can share with me and my students?

    The "Write" Way