Jemma Baddock

Jemma Baddock

Communication student, journalism major, passionate film devotee and Australian cinema worker.

Junior Contributor II

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    Latest Comments

    Jemma Baddock

    Haha this is a great read, thank you!

    Top 10 Movie Scenes of 2013... So Far
    Jemma Baddock

    This is a great article, an interesting concept! 🙂

    The Music of Doctor Who: 6 Themes and Variations to Get You Hooked
    Jemma Baddock

    I can’t wait for these two films to come out in Aus! This is the end is such an original concept and i haven’t seen anything like it before, really looking forward to it. And The Heat looks hilarious, i really want to see how Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock work together on screen.

    This Is the End & The Heat: A Sign of Hope for Comedy
    Jemma Baddock

    Nice article, thanks for the read! Superhero movies relate to both genders and all ages .. They will forever be a hit!

    4 Reasons Why Superhero Movies Are Still Smashing Box Office Records Today
    Jemma Baddock

    Great article! I work in a cinema and always have so many disappointed customers that say “the only funny parts were in the trailer” haha.

    10 Misleading Film Trailers
    Jemma Baddock

    You can’t go past a good comical relationship between cute cartoon characters. Thanks for the read!

    The Top 5 Pixar Duos: You've Got a Friend in Me
    Jemma Baddock

    This is a great article, thanks for giving us this special insight!

    Despicable Me 2 Review: Romancing the Minions
    Jemma Baddock

    Great article. I love Matthew Mcconaughey now! He was definitely just the abs guy in Fools Gold though haha.

    Matthew McConaughey: More than Just a Torso