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    Anime 101

    A look at what makes great good anime, what’s the definition of "anime" and the basic history of anime. Basically, a piece for people who have heard of anime, but haven’t jumped into the genre of anime.

    • This would be a great topic to write about! One could go very in depth with the history of anime and its significance to the Japanese culture. – KarinaMarie 9 years ago
    • I saw a piece like this recently, can't remember the title but perhaps look it up to ensure it hasn't been already done. – smartstooge 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Although I loved Power Rangers when I was a kid, and I’ve watched every season, I think that the story lines in Power Rangers has gone down hill. From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers until the season finale of Power Rangers in Space, there was a solid story arc. Now, each season barely fits with previous ones. Sure, there are a few that are tied into early seasons – Dino Thunder and Mega Force – but they are few and far between.

    Why the World Needs the Power Rangers: Twenty Years a Voyage

    The thing I love, love, LOVE about the fosters is the LGBTQIA theme is present, but it doesn’t feel like it’s shoved down our throats. I think it’s great that ‘The Fosters’ is showing people that struggles that happens within the LGBTQIA community.

    An Introduction to The Fosters

    I’d have to agree that this series appeals to both an older generation and a younger one. When I first read the series, I definitely overlooked a lot of the things – both big and small – that where linked together, but now with studying lit in college, it’s made reading Harry Potter so much more fun since it’s like reading a new book series in some ways.

    Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences