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Jamie Tracy

Not so mild-mannered educator, artist, father and husband by day.

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Jamie Tracy

Very interesting article.
Thanks for the read.

Narrative truth is fascinating. It’d be great to read the reasoning behind changing plot lines in biopics.

Life Stories: Can we handle the truth?
Jamie Tracy

I feel so good that I did not have these outlets growing up. I feel for this upcoming generation with social media supplementing real life relationships and the potential for abuse of the internet.

My kids have had cyber-education workshops in their schools and I am so grateful for that.

Good article.

Viners and YouTubers: The Internet's New Villains?
Jamie Tracy

Great read.
I agree with what you are saying when dealing with films that are a series like Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games. All movies based on a series of books.
When it comes to movies like Avengers Infinity War: Part I and Part II I am not as upset because it is similar to movies like Friday the 13th Part 1-? or Oceans 11, 12 & 13.
When we see films announced from a book series that has 3 books in it we assume there will be 3 films. As you have stated, that theory is shot now. However, when a studio announces a new film and it will have a part 1 & 2 we should applaud them for being forthcoming.
All that being said. These decisions are likely made for theater goers and not those that wait to watch it on Blu-Ray or even worse, illegaly download movies to watch at home. So the thought of sitting through a 4 hour film without an intermission is daunting. I’d do it in a heartbeat for the right film but not the over-inflated finale to a movie trilogy.

Great job. Nice engaging topic.

Multi-Part Films in Hollywood: When Profits Matter More than Storytelling
Jamie Tracy

To add to these, check out Greg Rucka’s run. Possibly my favorite stretch on Wonder Woman. Also, Trinity by Matt Wagner.

The History of Wonder Woman: Unlocking Her Cinematic Potential
Jamie Tracy

Excellent job Cagney-
The re-write works great.
I didn’t tell you this as you were writing it but my 2 daughters have a playroom in our house that is decorated with a Wonder Woman theme. It has figures, statues, comics, posters and original art I started buying for them when they were born. I see her as a strong role model for my girls. I am hoping that she translates well on the big screen and becomes a huge success for DC.

The History of Wonder Woman: Unlocking Her Cinematic Potential
Jamie Tracy

I agree with you. I am referencing the idea of Fridging, sacrificing women to motivate a male hero.

The Fridging Dead: The Walking Dead's Patriarchal Problem
Jamie Tracy

In comics, this is all but gone because of Gail Simone and the spotlight she put on it. There is also a much greater presence of female creators in comics than there were even 25 years ago.
Female readership in comics has grown to somewhere between 35-45% which is more than twice as high as when I was a kid.

I see it on TV more than any other medium now.

The Fridging Dead: The Walking Dead's Patriarchal Problem
Jamie Tracy

Interesting article,
I like Morrison a lot. His Animal Man run was absolutely fantastic.
I am not digging Multiversity but it may be because I am so entrenched in Animal Man and I feel Morrison is getting “preachy”.

“Wanted” would be a good comparison for this theme as well.

"Meta-Commentary" in Morrison's "Multiversity": Obsessions with Pop-Culture