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    I had never thought about Gravity this way. It makes complete sense now, and very good job!

    Sound and Silence in 'Gravity': In Space, No One Can Hear You...

    I think that video games with a strong story can also be interactive in the sense that it makes people think during and after playing. It would be a way of having an interactive narrative in which the gamer is thrown into the world, so I don’t necessarily think that all video games are just mindless forms of entertainment.

    Games: How the Endless Potential of the First Interactive Medium Can be Unlocked

    This was a really great article! I just recently saw Frozen and reading this was refreshing since I am just now understanding why people are getting so worked up about this movie. I thought it was pretty good. I do think that people inject an unintended meaning to a story, but considering Frozen to have a homosexual subtext just seems absurd to me. Elsa isolated herself because she had a secret she did not want others to know about–that’s about everyone in the world, not just homosexuals.

    Gay Subtext in Frozen and Other Disney Films: Whose Agenda is It, Anyway?

    I wish I would have read comics when I was younger, but I do have a basic knowledge of them. Great article! I also find that Spider-Man is one of the more relatable characters in comics. I agree with the sentiment that the stories in themselves and the portrayals of Spider-Man make him more human than other super heroes.

    Three Essential Spider-Man Stories: Power and Responsibility

    I think that reinterpreting the way we view characters is essential since it can be refreshing to watch something unexpected. Although purists would b e upset by this cast, I think that fictional characters are never the same to everyone, we all have different conceptions of what a character looks like. Very insightful article and I hope that people consider the types of thoughts you brought up.

    What the New Fantastic Four Cast Says About Fictional Characters

    I thin that for most people Spirited Away is the most entertaining and wonderful because of all the dynamics going on such as character development,aesthetics,the dub, and the relieved feeling you get after everything is resolved. It definitely earns its title of #1 on this list.

    Top 5 Essential Studio Ghibli Viewing

    I actually saw Brotherhood first and I agree that it is the better one. The plot is riveting, the characters compelling, and the music is incredible.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Differences between the 2003 Version & Brotherhood

    I think the latest episode when Ann does leave, she is more treasured than when she was on the show. I always saw her as one of the more normal characters, and thus a bit less interesting than the crazy ones. Although she was an important character I will definitely miss Ann (and Leslie’s hilarious names for her) but this will give the writers a chance to focus on how Leslie copes with a loss and how she can make it even though her main support system since Season 1 is gone. Perhaps this departure will give Ben the chance to be Leslie’s main support system.

    Parks and Recreation: What to Expect After Rashida Jones’s Departure