Kahlia Sankey

Kahlia Sankey

Kahlia is a PhD candidate at Griffith University who specializes in horror genre films, gender performance and audiences.

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    Kahlia Sankey

    I understand the point that you are getting at here Kristian. I do think that it discourages female gamers from playing when their gender is being disempowered and overtly sexualised. Not silly at all.
    I also understand that you are not trying to undermine the LGBT community when you refer to to Flea as “trans-friendly” or “possibly trans”. That’s not in the spirit of offence or ignorance, that is just describing the male-feminized image and the binary nature of Flea as a character construct – phrasing that is commonly used throughout the literature.

    Santiago Rashad, if you are going to make comments on articles, please ensure that they are respectful and informed. Check for understanding, it is certain that you were not clear on the intent here.

    Is Chrono Trigger a Feminist Game?
    Kahlia Sankey

    This is incredibly apt in term of the rising sub genre market. I do have to agree with ahartgrove here that there has been a uptaking of the tornado genre but also the [x] versus [x] horror films.

    The New Classics in Horror Film Formulas
    Kahlia Sankey

    This is fantastic, it really opens a discourse on mental health and the Marvel universe (which IMO is just as applicable to D.C characters). I can see throughout the comments that you have got a lot of your readers thinking about which characters could be exhibiting other mental health issues or be a metaphor for mental illness themselves (The Hulk is one, and in terms of X-men, Mystique comes to mind as well). I enjoyed this very much, thank you!

    Captain America: A Case Study in Depression
    Kahlia Sankey

    I thought that both Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon were quite well written and filmed, they were pretty spot on.

    Book to Film Adaptation Travesties
    Kahlia Sankey

    I just have to say, I really enjoyed reading this article because of the clear way you set up and separated content and used clips as well. Also, huge fan of Orphan Black, the talent to take upon so many different characters is most definitely award worthy.

    Orphan Black: Join the Clone Club
    Kahlia Sankey

    As a rule, I tend to avoid Woody Allen films – I have never enjoyed his film style and I find his private life off putting.
    That being said, I was recently stuck on a cruise during some bad weather where they played Blue Jasmine on repeat and it was this clash between being a great movie and being overrated. I say overrated because the hype and marketing for the film was so overblown that I was turned away from watching the film. Then watching it, although it was a really interesting film (with some fantastic interiority from Blanchett) it seemed deflated, less that what it had been made out to be by media and critics alike. So it was like a weird reflective experience while watching the film that pulled me in two ways about how I viewed it.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing
    Kahlia Sankey

    That is right, I agree that there doesn’t always need to be exactness so much as artistic justice. Game of Thrones for example is not exact but it is particularly well done due to clever casting and a well used (rather large) budget. Cinematic television at its best.
    True Blood, for people interested in that book and series went in a totally different direction with the Tara storyline, and while there might be a lot of fan argument against this I would suggest that Alan Ball did make the series his own in a lot of ways – which ended up helping with the level of “girliness” between the book and the series. (Although, I don’t agree with Anna Paquin’s take on Sookie… or her acting)

    Book to Film Adaptation Travesties
    Kahlia Sankey

    Yeah internet high five to the love story being a crock in Desolation of Smaug.
    I’m always taken aback by the number of film viewers who have no idea that what they are watching is based on a book, a poem, a game and when you ask them to compare the generalised response is “Oh, I’m too lazy for that. I’ve seen the movie now”. That’s fair enough, each to their own. But it doesn’t give much chance back to the original piece, especially if its reproduction was particularly underwhelming.

    Book to Film Adaptation Travesties