I am a historical fiction aficionado from Australia who loves historical fiction in all its forms.

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    I am getting tired of the Dracula adaptations. I mean, look at the depth to which your article reaches- already more character development than in a whole movie! I don’t know, I just think there is so much more to explore in Dracula than just sex- look at your article for evidence!

    Great read!

    Ideals of the Victorian Woman as Depicted in 'Dracula'

    I love reading articles that include the Shelleys- I teach English and you have no idea how many kids are surprised to hear what Shelley wrote. Gret article!

    The Lives of Four Famous Writing Couples of the Victorian Era

    I saw Wendy beat Cartman down and there much such rejoicing. I love to see that boy lose, and I think the whole episode was stellar. Great article!

    South Park: 10 Supporting Characters to Consider

    This essay is extremely well written. Well done!

    The House on Mango Street: An Illustration of Machismo

    I thought Percy Jackson was almost there. Almost. Nowhere near the tragedy that was Eragon!

    Book to Film Adaptation Travesties

    I think this is another example of any current film with an ‘outsider’ being immediately associated with homosexuality. There are connections, but the same connections exist with various ethnicities, religions and, of course, gender. What would they say about The Little Mermaid? Mulan?

    Gay Subtext in Frozen and Other Disney Films: Whose Agenda is It, Anyway?

    I feel that this show receives too much attention. It is okay. For some people it might be great, but even they have to admit the constant bitchery and self-absorbed whining gets old quick. I don’t want this to be the voice of my generation.

    A New Breed of Auteurism in HBO's 'Girls'

    Not a huge fan of the current season, but I hold out hope. It is still miles better than most other half hour comedies these days. It’s sweet without being saccharine.

    Parks and Recreation: Pawnee's Empty Promises