I am a historical fiction aficionado from Australia who loves historical fiction in all its forms.

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    Hmm, I love the article, but I am skeptical about the notion that DoFP will ‘make or break’ the franchise, mostly because it could earn next to nothing and they would still give it a sequel. This article was really well researched and very entertaining to read, however!

    X-Men: Days of Future Past: Why Fox Desperately Needs it to Succeed

    I enjoy the way this show provided life lessons without it having to be forced upon us, pushed with force like in conventional sitcoms. No loving music, no ‘I learned something today’. I really enjoyed this episode, as well as the article!

    How 'The Office' Uses Characters and Comedy to Impart Life Lessons

    This was a really interesting article, I mean, we don’t really think about the impact or even the emergence of these trends until well after they are established. Very though provoking!

    The Essential "Meme-ability" of Modern Television

    I agree with the other commenter about Gangnam Style. I kept expecting it to pop up! Nice article- I wonder if because of our expanded industry, we will have more one hit wonders remembered in the future, or less (as the field is over saturated)

    One-Hit Wonders in the New Decade

    I feel so bad whenever I read the books because I am just thinking about how I would have quelled the revolution! It’s just me, shaking my head, thinking about assassination. I suppose its a sort of interactivity? You should see me with Harry Potter!

    The Hunger Games: Five Things That Helped to Bring The Capitol Down

    I like the idea of contained mini seasons with new casts, it is a fresh take on the series structure, and it keeps the show new and exciting. Here’s hoping they go for quality in the net series over stunt casting- I mean, having M.M was amazing, and he was excellent, but I don’t want to producers to just try for another famous face. They have to be RIGHT.

    True Detective: What To Expect From The Second Season

    I think paying attention to comedy is crucial. What makes people laugh is a key point towards understanding how they think. In my opinion, comedy tells us more about our cultural barometer than drama series.

    Women's Liberation in Sitcoms: Then and Now

    I don’t know why most sitcoms see stock characters and gender stereotypes as inherently more interesting than more nuanced characters.

    Also, as a teacher, I can say that the students I have definitely fall into the ‘feminism is done’ category. Frustrating.

    Women's Liberation in Sitcoms: Then and Now