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    Streaming Analytics: A Window Into Collective Mental Wellness

    What could the programs that we choose to watch, queue, and re-watch tell us about our emotional/mental state – and might they be able to reveal more than we are able to communicate/admit ourselves?

    The al a carte, self-serving nature of today’s digital streaming services allows users to set up their own digital buffet. A little bit of this, a little bit more of that, less of this. What could our choices illuminate – if we had access to the data that streaming service algorithms collect about our taste, what could we learn? Would we see seasonal trends, how do our choices change around major life events (child birth, loss of a loved one, marriage, starting a new job, etc.)

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      I see adaptation, at the most basic level, as a tool to reestablish/reconnect a story/moral/ set of values with a current society.

      The Art of Adaption

      Carl G. Jung’s (Red Book) and Joseph Campbell’s (Power of Myth) were a huge part of the reason that I found any sense of belonging and understanding of life and my journey through it. As an undergrad I studied printmaking and drawing and used both of these books as a guide through the symbols of men,

      Carl Jung on Synchronicity and the Esoteric

      Boundary-breaking art in any form is, in my opinion very valuable. If at the very least, because it pushes the envelope and redefines what is possible. In my own experience, that risk-taking behavior has become something that I so greatly appreciate. Your review of these two films in relationship to the silent film area and the enjoyment criteria was very enjoyable.

      It made me think of Disney Pixar’s WALL-E. I remember watching it for the first time and thinking, somewhere around the 20th minute, “wait, I haven’t heard anyone talk yet.” The best part was, that I wasn’t disappointed – it brought about a feeling of relief, relaxation. The relationship that I had developed with WALL-E was unlike any that I had ever experienced in film. The silence left room for my own thoughts and feelings in the story arc and helped me connect with WALL-E and his directive in an effortless way.

      Hollywood's Fascination with Silence and Horror