Mary Awad

Mary Awad

Lover of manga, games, books and adventure. 20 and excited to see what life has waiting. Likes playing with words, weaving them together and watching them dance.

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Mary Awad

Really interesting article. It’s great to see women’s bodies being treated appropriately and in such a tasteful aesthetic way. Thank you for writing this article, I hope many people read it.

The Female Body in Art as a Non-Sexualised Being
Mary Awad

I understand all your points. But half the fun of watching shows is suspending your disbelief so I feel like bringing all this up is a bit ehhhh. Fiction is fiction for a reason, you know? But it’s a very well written article!

How I Met Your Mother: Are We All Living A Boring Life?
Mary Awad

I really want to see the theory of everything. But now I’ll make sure to check Hawking as well! Thanks for the article~

Life Stories: Can we handle the truth?
Mary Awad

Embarrassingly enough, I have seen none of these movies! I heard Boyhood was really interesting an awesome though so I’ll definitely watch that. Thanks for the list~

The 10 Best Movies of 2014
Mary Awad

This was an extremely stressful movie. The whole time I felt so bad for George. I actually don’t think he had a wonderful life. He may have had a great life but it wasn’t the life he wanted, so does that really make it wonderful? If it takes a near-death experience to show you that you have a good life, that says something. I feel so bad for him, this movie is super cathartic. You just want things to work out and they never do. But in the end he’s happy and I guess that’s all that matters.

It's A Wonderful Life: A Truly Happy Family Film?
Mary Awad

People say that Frozen is better than the Lion King and they are all dirty liars. The Lion King is amazing and you say why in this article! What’s better than an animated Hamlet with lions?

The Lion King: The Seven Standards of Disney
Mary Awad

This is a great reference to go to if you forget anything about a superhero. The profiles format was really great for this article and made everything easy to find and understand. Great job!

Why We Love Superhero Films: The Humanity Behind the Mask
Mary Awad

This is such a great book. Absolutely awesome! Every aspect of this book builds a sickening but plausible world and the humanity of the characters is great. Nice article~

Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go: The Transformation of 'Letting Go'