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    The Challenge of Queerness in Asian Diasporic Literature

    Analyze the representation of Asian LGBTQ individuals in literature, preferably with a focus on 21st Century works (examples might include How I Became a North Korean or The Book of Salt). Delve into how one’s concept of identity can be challenged by being a part of the queer community and also the Asian diaspora.

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      I can’t really wrap my head around why so many people are so frustrated by King’s current run on Batman. To me, this is some of the best comics writing in recent history. I can definitely see this becoming a

      I guess that the serialized format of comics has always worked against it in the way that television episodes might perform worse without a clear endgame in view.

      But man does this run knock my socks off with every new issue. That Alfred scene alone, in a veritable sea of amazing touches in Issue 50, touched my heart in a way that I so rarely get with comic books nowadays. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

      The Batman/Catwoman Wedding Is Supposed to Upset You

      It definitely feels like to me that there were some huge gaps in the storytelling due to the extensive reshoots (Seriously, what was up with the reveal of Enfys Nest? Was she intended to be Beckett and Val’s daughter in the original storyline?).

      Also felt like the whole droid uprising was played for laughs to an uncomfortable extent, where it felt like a jab at “social justice warrior” types. Overall, super disjointed in terms of how it fits into the wider mythos and feels underdeveloped.

      Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Is A Great Star Wars Film

      Hey, love that you tackled a subject regarding show vs book differences that not many people have seemed to mind in the last couple of seasons. It seems that a ton of people are super on board with revenge as satisfactory, but I think it’s important to highlight how A Song of Ice and Fire is ultimately a story of consequences – a saga that is concerned with the fallout of that which is fulfilling in initial desire only. Maybe that’s why Cleganebowl felt so hollow in this finale; Sandor’s arc is reduced down to subjecting his brother to the fate that was inflicted upon himself as a child, rather than working past his rage and fighting for a more righteous purpose.

      Revenge in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones