Kevin Kryah

Kevin Kryah

Kevin is a journalism major at Northwestern University.

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Kevin Kryah

Edge of Tomorrow is just like a movie he would’ve been in 15-20 years ago. He’s not reinventing himself, he’s just trying to stage a comeback by doing the same running-and-yelling-thing that he’s always done.

Tom Cruise and The Dying Nature of Movie Stars
Kevin Kryah

If you want to see Polanski’s grief over Sharon Tate really manifest itself then you should check out his filming of Macbeth. Really grim stuff.

Chinatown: A Pessimist's Vision of the World
Kevin Kryah

If Pokemon went cross-platform in a substantial way then the DS/3DS would tank. Pokemon is the only thing keeping the handheld market from being edged out by smartphones.

What Nintendo Should Learn From the GameCube Era
Kevin Kryah

Another totally misused character is King Cold. What exactly was the hierarchy between him and Frieza? Why would he be a “secret” leader of the organization? It seems like he was totally tacked on to the Trunks Saga but he raises more questions than he answers.

Top Ten Misused Dragon Ball Characters
Kevin Kryah

Grittiness sells. This has been the trend since the ’90s, back when brooding anti-heroes were all the rage. It gives writers a chance to explore different, darker facets of established characters.

That being said, I don’t think grit works for every franchise. Look at what Zack Snyder did to Superman in Man of Steel.

Death as Inspiration in Comics
Kevin Kryah

The Long Goodbye and The Player give it some good competition, though.

McCabe and Mrs. Miller: The Conflicted 60s/70s Culture
Kevin Kryah

I agree about Brock; Sergeant Hatred is probably one of the show’s weakest characters.

The Venture Bros.: A Meditation on Failure
Kevin Kryah

How does Lex Luthor not translate well to film? There are more interpretations of the character than what Hackman and Spacey came up with. Luthor is a very interesting character and he has plenty of onscreen potential.

Batman Vs. Superman: 3 Things that can Save the Film