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    Anime Revival: When is it Good or Bad?

    A retrospective of anime that has been revived with new iterations (examples: Hunter x Hunter, the Young Black Jack, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) and if they were effective or necessary. Are there some that have failed trying to bring back an anime? What determines if an anime should be revived?

    • What determines any revival or reboot is it's former popularity, the recognizably of it's name and franchise, the engaging and timeless qualities of its characters and setting, perhaps whether or not the concept can be updated and altered (like with "Dirty Pair FLASH), or if it can survive looking and sounding as it always did, just with a slick new digital paint job (like the "Evangelion" Re-Build movies). "Lupin the 3rd" just got it's Part IV TV series, and it seems to be doing as well as it ever did. The Lupin franchise has lasted in countless iterations and interpretations since 1971. Same thing with "Cutey Honey." "Fooly Cooly" may even get a reboot from it's new owners, Mad House I think. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago
    • Branching off of Jonathan's note, you need to review aspects such as sales statistics and manga content. Did the older anime have budget restrictions? Perhaps it didn't show everything possible from the manga (ex. JoJo's initial release was a summarized version of Stardust Crusaders if I remember correctly). I'm not sure about Hunter x Hunter since I never followed it, but Young Black Jack is a manga so it wasn't an anime solely made to branch off of Black Jack's success. Most anime are remade I think more to follow more closely to the original content and others are more to give the animation style a face-lift. One example you don't mention is the Berserk movies, you could look into those along with Evangelion. My only issue with the Rebuilds are that there is a popular fan theory of the movies being based after the events in the End of Evangelion and may need the fourth release to verify or deny this. – Connor 9 years ago
    • A plus for revival is an opportunity for improvement. In HunterXHunter for example I felt the newest iteration handled pacing a lot better – MattyMayham 8 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Great article. I’ve always felt somewhat more knowledgeable about Japanese culture because of anime, but not enough to be comfortable possibly visiting there. Your research is very helpful, and I feel more learned because of it!

    What the West Learned About Japanese Culture from Anime

    Loved Shokugeki no Souma anime! I’m excited to see it return and really enjoyed the blend of cooking trials and tribulations with comedic story. The story of the underdog really got me into it as well. Witnessing the underestimated Soma destroy opponents with his cooking skill is a thrill to see. Unfortunately for me, I leave the show hungry after each viewing haha.

    Shokugeki no Soma: Why You Should Watch for the Food and not the Nudity

    This reminds me of a simple statement told to me by a friend. I asked him how his day was going and he responded: “I’m having a great day! Everyday is a great day as long as I make it that way!” I’ve come to realize that the “facts” of what life is and how we consume it are entirely based on how we individually frame it. Being optimistic is taking what you see everyday and determining it to be great. Being pessimistic is taking what may be normally positive and viewing it negatively. We have the power to essentially be the gods of our own perceived world and how it affects us. I’ve only watched through EVA once, but after reading your article I’m excited to dive back into it and digest the philosophical meanings within it.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Science vs God

    Great analysis! I found many of the philosophical discussions on Fate/Zero to be mentally taxing and confusing, but this was one that stuck to me. It’s hard to define what makes a good leader. I found truth in both opinions, that a leader should be a figure of splendor and decisiveness that leads their people. At the same time I feel a leader should be connected to the people, able to listen to their demands and sacrifice themselves if needed for the good of the nation. If there is a gray area in between, that would be idealistic. Overall I loved Fate/Zero and it’s blend of history and fantasy, and look forward to more iterations of it.

    Alexander the Great: The True King of Fate/Zero