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    Is the increase of accessibility to art and media dissolving marketability of demographics?

    Everyone has preferences in regards to what becomes integrated into our self-identity.
    With the increase of choices, does marketing play a significant role any longer? Or, do people (even within niche markets) know what they want and how to find it; so as far as profits are concerned, it is more about quality than hype or any other strategy, thus bringing about a societal need to cultivate creativity?

    • This is an interesting topic.I do think that marketing will always play a significant role, even more so with the increase of choice. Regardless, of who the initial demographic, the goal is to draw as many people you can to whatever artistic medium . I think this topic is interesting, but a little broad. Perhaps you should narrow it down to one or two types of art and media. – MKLee 6 years ago

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    I have discovered that in reading the classics I gain a better understanding of the topics at hand than I do via third-person analysis of the book itself.

    Especially with regards to textbooks; there is more information per page than the condensed narrative the modern interpretation puts forth; one also misses out the wonderful use of language which the old-world cultivated.

    The Importance of Learning the Classics

    Tattoos have a wide use in many cultures, I am from a small pueblo tribe in New Mexico that doesn’t see tattoos in the same light. Specifically, they never have had any kind of body modification in their culture, when someone such as myself who has a lot of tattoos shows up, my body art is seen as “non traditional” even though many native cultures use tattoos in traditional ceremonies. It comes down to human expression which is the very definition of culture.

    Tattoos: Alternative Expression with Traditional Roots

    Fantastic work,

    We have come to the issue of creating a subjective inner dialogue based on the interpretation of objective reality. Which seems to be the biggest issue in modern philosophy.

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Why Must You Be So Cruel to All?

    Speaking outside of fantasy, I love the direction space games are going.
    NMS gives us an example of our end-goals, what else would there be for us out in space? We have exploration ,discovery and mining for resources, I feel humanity will come face to face with a “level cap” in the near future. If humanity has no problems and all we have left is exploration then our goals become whatever we want them to be.

    Space-based Games and American Space Policy