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    How Andre Aciman's "Find Me" - "Call Me By Your Name" sequel compares to its prequel

    Call Me By Your Name – the book version, ends with Elio and Oliver’s separation, but their longings for each other last for what seems like an eternity. Find Me – the sequel, picks up the storyline a few years later, and, spoiler alert, slowly leads the two star-crossed lovers back together in the end. However, the perspective has changed as the Find Me is in the POV of Elio’s father, now divorced, and his journey of finding new love with a woman much younger than himself. If Call Me, under Elio’s POV, was so successful critically and commercially, why did the author switch to his father’s, whose outlook on life may not be on who was responsible for some of the most soul-touching, sentimental and inspiring dialogues in the prequel

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      Ironically, although deep down almost everyone knows the remakes are never going to be as good as the originals, they still go see em out of curiosity and fear of missing out. I think it has a bit to do with supply and demand really, as long as those films aren’t profitable, they won’t produce any more remakes. But it’s hard to stop that apparently

      Live-Action Disney Remakes and the Souring Faith in Animation

      This piece is impressive and heart-warming as well. It has given me a different outlook on the role of female in cooking… or should I say it has precisely put into words how I have always felt about women’s role in the kitchen. A lot more people should read this so they can stop underestimating the importance of their daughters, wives, grandmothers’, or of anybody’s, effort when cooking for them. Definitely will cherish food a lot more from now on.

      Feminism and Food in Film

      I think a good/decent adaptation should convey the exact feeling that can be felt in the book version, allowing book readers to relieve their original memories in the live-action version and stimulating movie-goers’ curiosity about the book version (i.e. leaving them wonder how the author originally described every scene that eventually became the movie)

      The Art of Adaptation: From Book to Film