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    Social media and the rise of anxiety/depression among age groups

    Analyze the relationship between the birth of various social media platforms and the rise in cases of anxiety/depression. Is there a correlation? Or, as mental health continues to be de-stigmatized, has there just been more acknowledgment of the issue? Senior citizens are said to benefit from social media due to a sense of connection. How does this compare to other age groups?

    • I think it is really interesting to consider how the role of social media differs between age groups. Generally looking at the relationship between social media and mental health without considering age would result in a loss of nuance. There is definitely ample research on the topic of mental health and social media, and I would encourage you to read these articles so you can take a new perspective in your article. – natpalumbo 4 years ago
    • This article could potentially look at the removal of like-counts on certain platforms. Users can’t see how many likes another user gets on a post. Has this had any benefit? – Samantha Leersen 4 years ago
    • Bass Reeves would be an amazing decision as a subject for a biopic. He was a lawman in the Old West who had unfailing genuineness, a profound feeling of equity, and hounded assurance to get the miscreant. He once even served a homicide warrant on his own child. He was one of only a handful few dark lawmen serving in the Wild West, and acquired close to all inclusive regard among his companions. Numerous antiquarians accept he is the motivation for the incredible anecdotal character The Lone Ranger – Musiclover1 4 years ago
    • This idea is very pertinent for these days. It will have some shortcomings because the rise of social media has also coincided with a more open society and more mental health diagnoses. Still, this can be something to be explored in the research – harrietcorns 4 years ago
    • I really admire you for bringing this topic onto the forefront of this site as it is a tremendously surprising topic, and one in my personal opinion our society has failed to take into any serious consideration. There is actually a study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine that thoroughly discusses this topic. Social media is definitely a joyful medium of communication for a large number of individuals but can it can also be one of the most emotionally exhausting uses of of time for others. I definitely encourage to take a look at that UP article. Thank you again for bringing this topic up! Many people, I believe, are sure to benefit. – IDenby 4 years ago

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    So cool. I’ve always been fascinated by Indian art because of the eclectic color palette and intricacies of the work. You’ve selected beautiful pieces to accompany a very informative article.

    Indian Folk-art: An Expression of Cultural Diversity

    I think you make some strong points. I also get annoyed when, to supposedly advance the feminist message in a film or TV show, the majority of male characters are overtly sexist or foolish in every comment they make, which oftentimes seems forced and does not reflect reality. Alternatively, revealing the nuances and undercutting that exist behind a lot of modern sexist behavior would be interesting to explore or comment on.

    The Paradox of the Strong Female Character

    I thought the film was very tastefully done for the subject matter in terms of both its absurdity and the childlike perspective it portrays. It comments on the impact of learned sentiments, alluding to the importance of teaching children love and open-mindedness from a young age. Some scenes and dialogue in the film made me feel uncomfortable because of the overt hatred construed, but I think that that was part of the director’s intent. I think that trying to tackle issues such as micro-aggressions and internalized racism in this film would have been biting off more than it could chew and that these issues could better be addressed in a film set closer to present-day.

    Jojo Rabbit – The Nazi Comedy That Struck A Chord by Sidestepping Modern Racism