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    I enjoyed your comparative analysis between Dr. Faustus and Death Note. Being a Death Note fan myself, I always find it interesting to read others’ viewpoints on the dark and psychological anime. However I feel as though you understated Light’s crimes a bit, particularly when you said, “Light is perceived as a powerful threat to the status quo”. I feel that he’s more than just a “threat to the status quo” and what he’s doing isn’t some theater magic that affects no one, he is taking the lives of people, some of them–his father the deputy director for sure–are innocent people. I believe that his crimes were against more than just a religious base; they were against a moral foundation that runs the majority of the world in this day and age. On that point I would have to disagree with you, but otherwise I found your article to be interesting and powerful.

    Death Note and Dr. Faustus: Transgression, Fate, and Religion’s Influences

    I sincerely enjoyed your article, and I agree, it is so important to have accurate representation for women in media. I find too often that I’m seeing one romantic comedy after another and they never seem to change. I think it’s important that you added “She’s the Man” to show that it’s not a bad thing that women HAVE love interests in media, it’s a bad thing that women with love interests seem to be the only ones out there. On another note, I also think it’s problematic that there aren’t any women of color being represented in media, I feel like women of color are often forgotten about when trying to do a “cast diversely” as people think diversity means there need to be men of color and women in order to make their film “diverse” and I often find that women of color are severely underrepresented.

    6 Female-Centered Movies That Don't Revolve Around Love

    I’ve seen the first few episodes of Kokoro Connect, but I was honestly afraid that it was going to end up being just another typical high school anime. While I like the genre, I want to watch something that is done well and isn’t all fan service and meaningless relationships. Seeing your recommendation has made me think that I should give it another shot. Also I’m not sure if this would be considered a soap, but have you seen Maria-sama ga Miteru? It’s an anime that has a gentle art style and is really beautiful.

    5 Anime Soaps for Skeptics of the Medium