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    The Power of What Slam Poetry Can Do for Small Cities

    In the last decade, the rise of writing poetry in order to raise cultural issues has taken off in a Border town called Laredo, Texas. The city neighbors Mexico and is delved in rich Mexican and American culture. It is balanced by both struggle, hardship, and endearment. This topic obviously does not have to focus on how slam poetry has specifically transformed this city, but it can explore how the Slam Poetry organization has transformed cities to be more expressive, literate, creative, and engaging with its own and surrounding communities. This topic could take many targeted perspectives, really; as long as it displays how empowering spoken word and the freedom of free speech guides society.

    • I really love this specific take on slam poetry. – MichelleAjodah 8 years ago

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    There really is a sad aura to her captures. The effect she has on the viewr is captivating. She really does seems like a mystery but reveals so much. Considering the civility expected of American women in the 50’s, she really broadened the scope.

    The Art of Francesca Woodman: Haunting, Evocative, Personal

    Wow. This article really tossed me down memory lane. I visited the Museum of Modern Art in Malaga, Spain and personally encountered shock art for the first time in Summer 2015. The exhibit had a video of a nude woman by the shore, face not shown, hula-hooping a barbed wire hoop. In slow motion, the video captures the metal cutting through her waist. In another, a woman cuts her hands and placing them abover her head and facing the wall, drags her hands down the wall spreading the blood. Another video showed a nude woman painting herself in glue and violently rolling in feathers, paper, and other mediums. The year ranges of these videos took place during the early 1950-70 or 80’s. (Forgive my failed memory). However, it was in a period when woman were increasingly objectified. They woman figured it would be best to destroy their own bodies than to have others do it for them.

    Shock Art: The Name Says It All

    What an insightful perspective! The amound of connections you make in a cultural way was so rich. Personally, I just finished rewatching each of the Lord of the Rings movies as an adult and appreciated them much more now than ever. I know many others will benefit from your article as a supplement. Understanding how culture influences a writer is a treasured gem.

    The Origins of Middle-Earth: Gods, Poems, and Dragons