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    What is the problem with movie review sites?

    Are these well known film review sites such as "rotten tomatoes" biased towards certain movies?

    • What I find interesting about this topic is that even though, for the most part, critics and audience scores are pretty similar, there are movies where critics and audiences disagree. What happened in the cases where that the critics hated and the audience loved (e.g., Entourage) and visa versa (e.g., It Follows)? Are critics and audiences looking at different things? Is the job of the critic to reflect the judge the artistry and competence of the filmmaker, or to predict how well the movie will be received by the audience? I know that I read reviews to know whether I will like the movie. I also know that some of my favourite movies were panned by critics. – 12jm9 9 years ago
    • To that point, I think it's a good idea to keep in mind what a great movie means in terms of financial success vs. critical acclaim. – colmwhitford 9 years ago
    • What makes you say that? What are your supportive arguments? – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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    Great article. I was really surprised by what really happened in the original tale of Snow White! It is very different from the disney classic, but I do believe that the movie spin on things was actually an improvement.

    The History Behind Disney Princesses

    Though I understand how fanfiction can be seen as a negative thing, it definitely got me into writing in the first place. When I was younger, I would read many books and create fanfiction by rewriting the ending of a story or even writing a second book. That was actually how I got into writing. Of course, I don’t believe that a fanfiction author deserves any real credit as the original idea didn’t come from him/her. However, fanfiction is a good pathway to start practicing writing before creating original ideas and publishing those.

    Fanfiction: The Merits of Originality

    This definitely opened my eyes up to a new portrayal of Cinderella. Compared to the original fairy tale, the protagonist seemed to have a stronger sense of self. Throughout this version of the movie, the character development is very clear. I am very excited for Beauty and the Beast as I have watched the broadway performance, which was truly spectacular and revealed the beast’s side of the story. I am sure the movie will do the same.

    Cinderella (2015): An Old-Fashioned Heroine in Modern Times