R. A. Gillespie

Undergraduate student. Writer. I enjoy literature, cartoons, video games, and film. I also enjoy rock climbing, crossfit training, camping, and hiking.

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    You are absolutely right about the quote being from Book 2! I did not make that distinction, sorry! I appreciate your views on this, and in my opinion that is one of the best things about poetry- the many interpretations of it! If you would like to discuss these ideas further I would definitely be willing. Thank you for your post!

    Paradise Lost: John Milton's Politics

    I am very glad for this comment! There are a few instances where we actually catch Milton’s God saying things that are flat out not true- so he either lies or does not know some things. I am at work right now, but I will bring the exact line numbers and my reasoning in an additional post on your comment when I get home. Thank you!

    Paradise Lost: John Milton's Politics

    Wonderful observations. I have never seen Bob’s Burgers, and had only considered watching it in passing. That is, until now. I feel a watch binge coming on!

    You just made my day.

    The Significance of Tina to Bob's Burgers

    Great article! I am not very well versed in film, but this article has definitely opened a few doors for me. I hope to begin my journey with the suggestions listed here! Although I may stay away from the torture porn.

    Is Narrative Overrated? Finding New Ways to Engage With Cinema

    Wonderful article. It is amazing to see what degree the human being will ignore actual evidence and instead make large claims based on opinion or emotion. Opinion and emotion are all great- but it is when people begin to market those as facts, that they feel or think there is an evil subtext that has been constructed to destroy our youth, that a problem appears. Also, lady be straight up crayfish. As you pointed out, the empowering feeling that can be gained from being right when nobody else is can be a dangerous thing.

    One more thing I would add, though, is that I have found that children understand a whole lot more than most might believe. While it is true that most children will not have as much knowledge as an adult, children are very very quick to draw connections between things and make complicated associations. Young people watching Frozen could very easily have heard a political argument the day before about gay rights, oppression, and acceptance and applied this to the movie. The thought could be a fleeting remembrance or a mantra that reenters the child’s mind over and over again, depending on a ton of different factors. While it would be ridiculous to suggest that a young child could use high theory to deconstruct the various themes, etc, in Frozen, it is not so wild to consider that the child could connect the dots and have it make a lasting impression.

    Gay Subtext in Frozen and Other Disney Films: Whose Agenda is It, Anyway?

    Thank you Shaunna! Please share this article! I am very grateful for your response. 🙂

    Paradise Lost: John Milton's Politics

    If you like this article, comment and let me know! If you are interested in another study of Paradise Lost, exploring the character and role of Eve within the poem, let me know in your comments and I will get it up!

    Paradise Lost: John Milton's Politics

    Absolutely. I think even the greatest scholars will learn something new every time they go back to it. Everything from tiny nuggets of historical facts to a small twist of the understanding of a word or phrase can completely rearrange the poem!

    Paradise Lost: John Milton's Politics