Media Arts student at the University of South Australia. Gamer, photographer, reader, filmer and sporter.

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    How far will mobile phone gaming go?

    What are its limitations? What will its advancement mean for other gaming devices?

    With Fortnite and Players Unknown Battlegrounds recently making their way to mobile devices how far can mobile gaming go? Will it be limited mainly by the lack of screen real-estate and controls or will technology find a way to create an experience on a mobile phone much like you get on a Nintendo Switch?

    • I think technically speaking, phones are capable of doing much more than most gaming apps have them do right now: Purely because people don't turn to their mobiles to be invested in a story, generally speaking, people only play mobile games in small increments so there simply isn't much demand for bigger and better games. – kaia 6 years ago

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    For me it depends on how I was initially introduced to the anime whether I watch it in subbed or dubbed first. For a show like Naruto which I’ve watched dubbed even though it is further ahead in the subbed version I find it difficult and unappealing to switch to the subbed version due to the attachment I now have with the dubbed characters.

    However, I couldn’t contain my excitement for Dragon Ball Super and switched to the subbed version so I could finish watching it. I definitely enjoyed the dubbed version more. There was a big adjustment period for me of maybe 15 episodes where I was still getting used to the subbed characters and I never really connected with them how I did the dubbed characters, they seemed so different. I will most likely watch it and maybe buy the dubbed version one day just to finish the show with the original characters I know and love.

    Are you a Sub or a Dub?

    I wonder where modded versions of Pokemon games come into this. For example, ‘Blaze Black’ a modded version of the game ‘Pokemon Black’ which uses the original game but ups the difficulty and players often play it incorporating new (self-governed) ‘rules’. An example of these new rules is: you are only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area. If you fail to catch it, you’re not allowed to catch another Pokemon from that area. Also, if one of your Pokemon faints you cannot use it anymore and it must be released.

    In my view provided I have bought the game shouldn’t I be able to enjoy it anyway I see fit even if it is a modded version?

    Pokémon: The Unique Experience of Fan-Made Games

    I think with gaming becoming more mainstream tutorials are important as developers won’t want to alienate new players by not introducing them to their games mechanics even if they’re the 3rd or 4th in the series. In saying that clever incorporation of tutorials or optional tutorials helps experienced/returning and new gamers alike enjoy and become fully immersed in the first few minutes/hours of games like you’ve said.

    I think the new God of War incorporates the tutorial in an engaging way that ties in well with the foundation of the game’s story and character relationships. In God of War’s case the timing of the tutorial aspects also helps greatly.

    Video Games And—Wait, Another Darn Tutorial?