I have traveled sola to over 60 countries and written about my adventures, I have also completed a novel; I hold a B.A and M.A cum laudein Philosophy and Environmental Studies

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    How is political propaganda infiltrating American television and do you believe the effect on society is deleterious?

    I was born in New York though I have always held European citizenship. I have noticed after viewing mostly European films and a few series over the many years I have resided here, that after returning to watch an American series, there is overt political propaganda in the story lines. Perhaps, this was always the case to an exten, but I did not notice it as a child. However, now it seems the messages are clear and I find that it is often unhelpful propaganda which tends to divide people rather than unite or bring a sense of well-being. Certainly it is not the only contributing factor but do you agree that Television is contributing to the societal divisiveness and strife the United States has been facing for decades?

    • I haven't watched TV in years for (partially) this reason. Of course every story needs a theme (as it is THE MEssage), but I would agree that contemporary media is becoming more divisive as writers lash out at perceived threats. Especially since the current administration is the most divisive in recent history, it makes sense that the state of american politics is reflected in the media we produce. – Jacob J. 5 years ago
    • This topic could use Orange is the New Black as a reference (featuring LGBTQ ideals), or the newer The Society (featuring Socialism, deaf actors and stereotyping male power as problematic). Perhaps comment on the overarching political tilt and what it seems to want to achieve. – Emiris 5 years ago

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    I thought Ladybird was a below average film and did not deserve to be among the other entries.

    Mumblecore's Place in Cinematic Realism

    One of the greatest works ever written. It is in my top ten included among Cervantes’ Don Quixote. When I saw the Broadway show as a little girl in the early nineties it was so beautiful I shivered. The moving Broadway production did justice to a work I thought could never come to life. Thank you for this article.

    Les Misérables in Film, Theatre, and Anime

    Amorres Perros was a beautiful film although I could not stand to see the dogs dying. The other two are not in my top picks and for novices I would recommend something a little lighter than Amorres Perros, Run LolA Run Perhaps because Although beautifully made, Amores Perros does have violence which may turn some viewers off. And while the stories are wonderfully interwoven, I would recommend something with a bit of comedy for the newbie.

    Three Foreign Films For Novices

    I only agree with one of your picks, Run Lola Run. I have a lot of great ones to share.

    10 of the Best Foreign Films... Of the Last 15 Years