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    Community Uproar in Response to Cancellations of Series

    Should the response from a community influence a producer to continue a series or not? There is some precedence: Chuck was at risk of being canceled but was renewed after fans submitted their distress to the producers. I know of others also, but not well enough to name them specifically.
    However, recent cancellations of shows have resulted in outrage from communities of fans (Sense8) but these responses did not make the shows come back in the same way.

    • I do believe that in some instances fans can help make networks and the like sit up and take notice of what the fans what. Take for instance the tv series 'Lucifer', it was cancelled by Fox but fans started an uproar on social media and Netflix was the one to renew the show. But other times even if a series is amazing to certain viewers, the networks and higher up concentrate more on business side of things and film and television are a business these days. If they don't get the viewers or the ratings, sometimes even with all the outrage and petitioning from fans, it can't help. There is one particular film which comes to mind, 'Vampire Academy', which is based on a series of novels. I am a fan of this film and signed all the online petitions and tried my best to help get the second film made, but when it comes down to it, the fans couldn't help even though I think it would have been amazing. This is an idea I do think society should expand on because fans are sometimes what can keep a show from continuing or not and outlets such as social media can help bring light to cancelations. – ambermakx 6 years ago

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    Female celibacy is often the butt of a joke, too. “I’m swearing off of men” – in the next episode their out there dating someone, or all of their friends in the show make fun of their decision.
    Great analysis of this. It’s too bad there aren’t more examples of women in media making a choice about their bodies.

    Representation of female celibacy in Television and Film

    My family watched Chuck from the beginning, and all of the questions explored in this article get so messy after season 2. I have to re-watch this show; it was such a big part of my growing up watching it as a teenager with my parents!

    Chuck, the Anti-Spy

    This article made it clear that I do not play enough video games! It’s fascinating how people are making this entertainment meaningful for “real life”. I loved Ocarina of Time for the story, but the philosophy didn’t hit me until I read this article since I was a kid when I first played it! I clearly need to replay now that I have a different outlook.

    Video Games That Ask Deep Philosophical Questions