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    The increasing popularity of Royal Fantasy Fiction

    Analyse the texts that surround the current royal fantasy trend within young adult books. Worth noting Sarah J. Maas’s contribution and how texts such as Red Queen and others compare. Are there any archetypes concerning the female hero within?

    • Could also mention Amy Tintera's series. – Andi 5 years ago
    • I have a game app on my phone that's basically reading different books, and a lot of them are royal fantasy fiction. I never thought about it before now, but that's a really cool observation! – csquie00 5 years ago
    • ^ I believe you are talking about the app called Choices! They make visual novels, following various trends, such as royal fantasy. Specifically, one of the series is called The Royal Romance, which details a girl adventuring to the fictional kingdom of Cordonia with its prince. – EJSmall 4 years ago

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    I question whether they needed to do season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale at all as the original novel left Offred’s tale in the hands of the future; ambiguous as to whether she escaped or not. She becomes a myth and a legend for the future but with the second season we are removed from this wistful hope. However in comparison to the books, the tv show provides Offred as more practical in her rebellion through her actions. As opposed to the book when her survival relies heavily on her psyche.

    The Handmaid's Tale in the Modern Eye

    If AI’s function original is to serve us as human beings with no benefit return than we immediately enter into the knowledge of self destruction for the human race. We cannot expect to create anything autonomies if we are not ready to consider the consequences. It comes back to as human’s we are always looking for a way to make our own lives easier and thus we remove the concern of those affected. We exploit the environment for our own gain and now we will soon exploit something with its own choices and questioning ability. AI will never be safe until we readjust our purposes and intentions.

    That bring said, really loved this piece and agree with you fully.

    Artificial Intelligence and The Robotic Red Herring

    I think the thing about novel to screen adaptions is each director brings their own interpretation across on the screen. However with Harry Potter, J.K Rowling had constructed not just a world but a reality teaming with life and structure that cannot be limited to the contraints of eight two hour long films. David Yates and Chris Colombus’s films may not have captured each word but their films allowed for this fantasy world to remain active long after the last film’s premiere. I to this day know people who’s sole appreciation is only from the films as that is how they were able to connect with the story. We can only hope there will be more novels like Harry Potter proving more challenges and maybe one day someone will crack the code between page and screen.

    Harry Potter: Books vs. Movies