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    Death as a character- how this changes the story

    Analyze how creating an image for "death" and having death be a character changes or impacts a piece of literature and in what ways. I immediately think of "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak and how he portrayed death to be its own entity in the novel. This alongside the mini story J.K Rowling had in her well known Harry Potter series called "Tales of Beedle the Bard" death is yet again seen as someone in a human like form.

    • It might be worth taking a look at the great work that Lindsay Ellis has done on this subject, both on her personal channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aNax1Rhs-w) and with PBS Digital Studios (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vQjHILQ0OQ). I'm sure there is still plenty worth talking about that she missed, to which I'd caution the prospective author against risking too close a retread. – ProtoCanon 5 years ago
    • It would be interesting to look at Death in the context of greek mythology as well as the role of time within death particularly in Alice through the looking glass. Time has control over death but as the film continues the audience see Time as a caretaker if anything. – NCSERCOMBE 5 years ago

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    I can understand why some people said it was bad because it was a 3D like movie without us having to wear the glasses but that’s one thing I enjoyed. It was like watching a comic book being read to us and it was an interesting take on the spiderman books. I thoroughly enjoyed the plotline and the other spider people in throughout the story.

    Into the Spider-Verse Provides Hope for Mainstream Animation

    The special thing about this specific music video is that every time you watch it you discover something new. I thought I knew a lot about the video and the symbolism until I read through this article! The way he dances kind of distracts you from what’s happening in the back but the more you watch it the more you understand the plethora of messages he’s trying to convey. Overall an interesting read on an amazing video!

    This is America: Exploring Lyrical and Visual Symbolism

    I’m a firm believer in outlining before composing any sort of college essay and I believe that is an important first few steps to have. Another one I think is important is being well educated in what you’re going to be writing about. This article does a great job of hitting the most important points in making a detailed and well written essay!

    Crafting the College Essay: Method and Motivation