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    Captain America: Ethics War

    Discuss the ethical perspectives of either team in the upcoming Captain America movie. We have become accustomed to Captain America being the most moral man throughout the past movies. Is it time to reflect on his motives, to question whether his actions are driven by his self-interest rather than the greater good? Conversely, is Iron Man moving past his thinking that saving the world is his personal responsibility by willing to work with other heroes and opening up to the public?

    Bucky Barnes is battling his own mind, re-learning morals and ethics… does getting so protected by Captain America perhaps cloud his views and provide them with a certain bias?

    • Love this topic so much! One could also write the article with Team Cap and Team Iron Man and divide it up in a way that Civil War is and that would be really cool to see as well! – scole 8 years ago
    • This is a great topic to define the protagonist, antagonist and dynamic main character. Should be a great article! – Munjeera 8 years ago
    • You could even have two articles here, one per side! I've heard others say it's Cap from CA:TWS--distrusting authority, going back to his roots--versus Iron Many of Age of Ultron--feeling accountable, wanting to protect the most people possible. – IndiLeigh 8 years ago

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    Great work! This was actually a topic I posted and you claimed, and I was eagerly waiting for what you would write. You hit all the points spot on, and you provided such a thorough and unbiased view for both sides.

    Civil (Ethics) War: A Marvel Comics Event

    I am definitely hoping to see Kamala in the MCU. They have great opportunities for it now, starting with the TV show agents of shield.

    Kamala Khan: The new Ms. Marvel

    I really like your point of view in this article. As a feminist watching the show, I get a lot of feedback from people calling me a “fake” feminist. It’s interesting, because while watching the show, I felt like they were indeed “conscious” with what they were throwing out there.

    Your example with Ygritte, for example. She only strips down when she wants to lay with the man she loves. In most other shows and movies like you say, the women rarely cover their bodies, and it becomes part of our subconscious thinking––you are just used to seeing them all look “sexy” instead of rugged.

    Even with many of the rape scenes, the characters turn speak up or act against it. It is not shown as something that is normal or good.

    I think many people jump to the conclusion that just because the show has several rape and sex scenes, then it must be misogynistic. They don’t quite bother to look at how they are constructed and how they are challenged, especially for the society in the time period of the show.

    How A Feminist Watches Game of Thrones: Power Is Power

    I personally understand why they have some of the nudity scenes as well as the violence scenes. However, there are some violence scenes that I could not handle watching, like Oberyn’s brutal death or Theon’s torture scenes.

    I guess that’s what really changes the level of audiences for the show. It is not meant to be a happy fantasy, and they nudity and violence only add in to make it more realistic. While I do not personally like to see the nudity and violence, I understand why they may have added them in.

    Game of Thrones and Violence: Don't Gore Breaking my Heart