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    Westerns, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse, Superheroes! What now?

    As long as movies have been a popular form of entertainment, there has always been a standing genre that a majority of movies released at the time fall under. With movies like Endgame and Logan providing a sort of pseudo conclusion to long running movie series that have been keeping viewers hooked and willing to watch anything wearing a cape or having -blank-MAN in the title; I can’t help but wonder what everyone thinks is coming next. Is it already here and I’ve missed it? Maybe there’s someone who’s been around the block that already sees it coming? P.S. Anyone else feel like Logan acknowledged this by being just as much a western as a superhero movie as a way to send off not just Hugh Jackman but also the mainstream state of the genre as a whole?

    • This is one of my favorite talking points with other film-lovers! I've always been interested in the films people choose to promote and the, for lack of a better term, eras of films that come out of it. If I could add anything to this topic, I think it would be questioning what it takes to make a shift like this in entertainment; does something have to happen in the world or in society for the masses to change the films that they want to see, or is the creation of a film-era just the luck of the draw? – Tyruss2015 5 years ago

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    In a time where the most talked of animated movies are either garbage from Illumination or sequels to well known works, I also saw this movie as a breath of fresh air. Although I found the movie far from perfect, it was moving when it wanted to be and a real treat to watch. I watched it at home as opposed to the theaters due to being busy at the time and I believe that may have spared me some of the problems experienced by people here in the comments. Overall I share your same optimism and hope this slaps some sense into the people who actually watch movies like the new Grinch Movie and think to themselves that they saw anything other than a feature-length cash grab.

    Into the Spider-Verse Provides Hope for Mainstream Animation

    As someone who grew up as a perfectionist, I typically liked video games where I could reset if I failed a challenge and I absolutely hated games where it would say you lost to someone even if you beat that boss battle or whatever it was. Growing up I’ve had to get over that perfectionist’s view of things and I’ve gained a lot from accepting failure. Having a video game that embraces that aspect of life is amazing and I’m so glad that it has become as big as it has, even if a lot of its fame comes from being called “too hard”. Awesome article, keep “getting gud”!

    How Dark Souls Teaches Us to Accept Failure

    Wow, way to really dig into such an awesome scene and bring a part as important as this into greater light. What you said about the teacher-student relationship being anything but one sided is so true and I can’t believe I failed to see just how much All Might was learning from Deku. Using techniques they developed for the training of “the student” to win in the last fight between “the masters” makes for both amazing action writing as well as cool foreshadowing for how it is “Good” will win in the end even when it looks like All For One has them all playing into his plan. Really adds to the show’s theme of real heroes having to be people that always give more than 100% while the people around them try to finagle their way to the top that I personally took away from the tournament arc.
    I like how this show takes tropes that have been beaten to death in western media, especially in superhero stories, and remind us why they became tropes to begin with. I have become so numb to the moment where the protag gets up one last time and the antag says, “what! impossible!” because of how many times its been done just to check off a box in a checklist. When this show does it so well with such fleshed out characters and in order to tell such a cool story; it reminds me why the “Class B” movie makers decided to steal the trick in the first place. I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you for getting me so hype for the show again, seeing as we still have to wait til October to watch more! Sorry for writing an essay in the comment section but keep up the great writing!

    My Hero Academia: The Hidden Depth of All Might vs All for One