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    Why we need public art in our cities

    Currently, well over half of the world’s population lives in a city. That number is expected to do nothing but rise in the future. A greater concentration of people means less room for each individual, and places greater importance on shared public spaces. In much of North America, there has been little concern for beauty within our cities – perhaps because we historically imagined we had such a surplus of land that everyone could have their own space that could be made beautiful to their standards. As our personal spaces shrink, how can we be sure that public art and other placemaking techniques are given importance in city budgets? What argument can we make in support of public art and the benefit it confers to residents of a city?

    • Part of this discussion could be about the interpretation of urban art. For example how does legal aerosol art fit into the concept of public art? Consider also international or national art trends, such as the painted cows that appeared in different cities around the world. – SaraiMW 6 years ago

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    Well written and a good description of the one of the more tangible values of art: communication of the truth. Advertisements have only a close fidelity to profit, whereas (if you are talented, driven, and lucky enough to make a living off of art) the artist can focus more on uncovering what is true in an increasingly complicated world.

    The Body Imperfect: Art as its Champion

    A bit verbose but I appreciate the overview of the cultural influence that historical Asian societies have had on current society. It’s fascinating to look back at what is remembered and celebrated throughout time and what is forgotten. Perhaps there is some truth hidden in why certain things capture our imagination and others are left to the past.

    Perfecting the Martial Art

    Growing up, I played a lot of pretty basic games that I loved but had nowhere near the level of thought and nuance that now seem common. I’m grateful that game creators have found a way to raise the vernacular to that of art, with the ability to explore the complexities of reality and how we experience it. There seems to be great potential for games to completely transcend the box they have been placed in and move from entertainment to transformative tools, especially with the unprecedented advances in VR/AR tech. Excited to see what the future holds!

    Video Games That Ask Deep Philosophical Questions