Phil Melanson

Phil Melanson

Senior at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Film & Television major. Television enthusiast. Avid reader. Closet geek. Aspiring TV writer.

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Phil Melanson

Great list. Loved that you put ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ right at the top of it. ‘Harold & Maude’ is so great too. Definitely going to be checking out some of the others on this list I haven’t yet seen.

15 Coming of Age Movies You Should See
Phil Melanson

I’m definitely checking out that ‘Tilda’ pilot now. Great article, glad to know I’m not the only one who’s absolutely fascinated by her mystery.

Nikki Finke: A First Timer’s Guide to The Feared Consigliere of Hollywood
Phil Melanson

Agree 100%, Marlon!! I don’t remember where I found the article, but I once read something about how Skylar is the “audience surrogate” for the show, meaning that if the average viewer was thrown into Walt’s world and circumstances, we’d probably act just like she does.
I also love her because, in the later seasons especially, they’ve even fashioned her into a anti-hero a bit. Great stuff.

The Rise of the Villain Hero
Phil Melanson

Absolutely. My biggest worry of all is the slowing pace. I hope they decide to shift some of the slower Dorne introductory bits into season 4, otherwise non-readers will be most likely be incredibly disappointed with how things slow down in season 5 and beyond.

The Adaptation Choices Behind 'Game of Thrones'
Phil Melanson

Agreed! Christopher’s death was so out of the blue, but it was so great in what it revealed about Tony (or, at least, revealed what we already knew but tried to overlook throughout the series).

The 10 Most Gut-Wrenching Deaths in TV History
Phil Melanson

I just have such complicated feelings with Community by now. This whole season just felt so weird and off-kilter; it was definitely trying to mimic the Dan Harmon days but something about it came off as fake. With Dan possibly coming back next year, I feel compelled to keep with it, but how are they going to rectify this completely bizarre 4th season?

Community: What is Going on at Greendale?
Phil Melanson

GREAT list! I’m really excited to see what some of these directors do next; Neill Blomkamp especially has my interest later this summer with ‘Elysium.’

10 Must Watch Directorial Debuts
Phil Melanson

I think they nailed it with this episode too! I have read all the books, so I was only too familiar with what was going to happen, but the final scene still gave me that dead feeling inside that reading that part in the book did. Michelle Fairley nailed it and deserves some serious Emmy attention for her work this season.

'The Rains of Castamere': The Game of Thrones Episode that Almost Broke the Internet