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    Does The Handmaid's Tale verge on torture porn

    With the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale expanding on where the book finished, the ante is continually upped in terms of violence and horror. To keep the tension building, the torture and suffering the women in The Handmaid’s Tale keeps getting worse and worse. Is this feminist tv show crossing the line with how much suffering is shown?

    • Anyone taking on this topic needs to acknowledge that men also suffer, are tortured and exploited in The Handmaid's Tale: Commander Warren Putnam's hand is amputated as punishment for his lustful feelings and behaviour towards Janine, Nick is exploited as a sperm donor and forced into an arranged marriage. Also, I suggest that the topic be re-worded slightly: Rather than presume that the suffering is worsening solely for the purpose of building tension, why not ask 'what is the purpose of the escalation of horror and suffering? Is it inappropriate, and does it compare with torture porn?' Anyone responding to this topic as it is worded would have to be familiar with 'torture porn', which complicates matters for the potential writer. – Jos 6 years ago
    • While it is definitely devastating to watch, I wouldn't necessarily label it as "torture porn", because that would imply that we derive pleasure from watching the characters suffer. We see plenty of horrible things in shows like Game of Thrones, and we keep watching not because of the events depicted, but because of how the characters respond. – RebaZatz 6 years ago

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    I echo other’s comments that it would be nice to see some reference to the Elder Scrolls series, but that might just be my own interest in the series! Very thorough overview of Tolkien’s influence.

    The Influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on Modern Video Gaming

    The best video game art exhibit I have been to was in a Tasmanian regional art gallery and featured Tales of Tales’ game The Path. The game was tucked in a corner with dimmed lights and comfy bean bags, so you could be truly engrossed by the game (almost as if you were in your own home, rather than in a gallery). Other games shown in the exhibit were on old CRT monitors, or played from an old living room chair, to better show the games in the setting they would be played in.

    Games as Art: Displacement within the Art Gallery

    It is worth noting that Mass Effect is a good example of how difficult it is for a game to actually make choices matter – the entire series came down to three near-identical endings, despite all the individual choices the player made throughout.

    Video Games That Ask Deep Philosophical Questions