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    What do you think Austen is doing with the action of near-death, followed by trip to alter? Is she pointing out ways in which this marriage is a sham, or is she suggesting that this is the best thing for her character? I find that oftentimes in Victorian British women’s literature, even the woman who stands up for herself, or tries to make a living for herself, ultimately falls in love, quits her job, marries, etc. What do you make of this phenomena?

    Deadly Desire in Austen's Sense and Sensibility

    This article is well-organized and is successful at critiquing the maleness of the Beats, without being derogatory or negative. You open up this important topic of discussion beautifully.

    Missing Beats: Marginalised Women of the Beat Generation

    I agree with you–I think the mention at the end of the article is a great segway into a separate article about ethnic and working-class writers.

    Missing Beats: Marginalised Women of the Beat Generation

    My husband and I watched Happiness and then Synecdoche, NY in remembrance. We really enjoyed your list, and your writing about movies is well done. I will definitely look at your other posts.

    10 Greatest Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances

    This is an awesome article with in-depth analytical thoughts about the book. If you haven’t read Eva Figes–Patriarchal Attitudes: Women in Society–you definitely should! Or Elaine Showalter’s–A Literature of their Own–. I think if you did some outside research, this essay would definitely be worth submitting for publication in an academic journal. Good job.

    The House on Mango Street: An Illustration of Machismo

    Great insight into the male characters. I like the progression discussion of Adam–he really has proved to be a versatile character. I’m curious to know what you’re opinion is on the economic situations of the characters(?) I don’t mind a show that has non-realistic qualities, but I know Dunham has promoted the show as a real life depiction of NYC young life–yet I’m not sure where they are getting their money. I guess from parents? I also wish there was more diversity on the show. What do you think?

    Why Boys Should Watch 'Girls'

    Your comment is very poetic and thoughtful. I know what you mean; there are moments in the novel where I feel like something Caddy and Quentin thought, said, or did was something I did also. I think this type of connection to a novel you are reading makes a great author. It speaks to the universality of human connection.

    Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury: The Fragmentation of Motherhood

    Thank you for the compliment. It is true that Faulkner wrote the novel in a short time. He often stated that it was his favorite work, which keeps it near to my heart!

    Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury: The Fragmentation of Motherhood