18 years since I breathed my first. 13 since I fell into the illusion, the art, called CINEMA. The rest? O2 in, CO2 out.

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The Princess joke at the end of Kingsman (2015)

A princess offers our hero anal sex, if he saves the world. All this in a film that is very conscious of just what it is doing, and well aware of the kind of film that it is. "This is not that kinda movie, bruv", we are reminded, yet people take offence to this joke. Why so? Discuss the impact of such dialogues or why their existence shouldn’t be questioned, if not justified.

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    Another article that lays concrete evidence to the fact that commercialism is entering every other aspect of our lives. More advancements in technology and the way we socialise, more will our lives be infiltrated by such PR activity.

    YouTube Capitalism: Vlogging Celebrities and Advertisers

    Very well put down. I would like to add to the commentary on intermissions. Interval blocks work like a charm by helping us to join-the-dots in every film until half-point. They let the content sink in to the audience with better clarity. But this is not the case in India where we have forced interval blocks for Hollywood films. Even for an engrossing, one-shot experience like Birdman. It also points to the audience and their movie-watching culture. How patient they are, and how appreciative they are about the art.

    Multi-Part Films in Hollywood: When Profits Matter More than Storytelling

    You’ve captured the cinematic legacy of these films in the most comprehensive way with this meticulous read! Loved it!

    Comparing Nosferatu and Dracula: I Want to Suck Your Blood