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    The difference between written plays and live-action

    Analyze the difference between the experience of reading a written play, such as Arthur Miller’s "The Crucible" and experiencing it live in a theater. Pros and cons to either? Opinion on what is better

    • I'm unsure how this was processed with so little information given in the incredibly vague prompt that roughly mirrors an article recently written for this site. – JekoJeko 8 years ago

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    You’ve perfectly captured all of the saddest and most heartwrenching moments throughout all of Disney. Thanks for the tears.

    10 Mature Moments in a Pixar Film

    As someone who completely wanted Barney and Robin together from the moment they played laser tag in season 1, I can see your point in this article. Obviously, Ted was in love with Robin from the beginning, and they tried dating in Season 2 only to be ripped apart by fate. They had met too early, Ted had needed to find Tracy. Even though they weren’t meant to be, Ted was meant to find Tracy, fall in love with her, get married, have kids, and eventually witness her death. Tracy was meant to have Max die on her and go on to meet Ted. Robin and Barney were meant to fall in love in the crazy way that they did, and of course Barney was meant to have his child. Everything was meant to happen the way that it did, and I love how well you articulated that.

    Why the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale was Actually Genius

    Really great article! Super informative, and it had a lot more anime examples than I thought it would have, to be honest. Gave me a second opinion on Attack on Titan, Deathnote, and Black Butler, all of which I was exposed to briefly but never got past the first episode. I was surprised that there was no mention of Soul Eater, a class anime in my opinion. Still, fabulous information given here!

    Anime for Dummies: What Starters Should Watch